Ambra Fioravanti
Ambra Fioravanti
Researcher, CNR-STEMS
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A novel ozone detection at room temperature through UV-LED-assisted ZnO thick film sensors
MC Carotta, A Cervi, A Fioravanti, S Gherardi, A Giberti, B Vendemiati, ...
Thin Solid Films 520 (3), 939-946, 2011
Charge Carrier Processes and Optical Properties in TiO2 and TiO2-Based Heterojunction Photocatalysts: A Review
S Lettieri, M Pavone, A Fioravanti, L Santamaria Amato, P Maddalena
Materials 14 (7), 1645, 2021
Facile synthesis of ZnO nano-structures: Morphology influence on electronic properties
S Morandi, A Fioravanti, G Cerrato, S Lettieri, M Sacerdoti, MC Carotta
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Year 2020: A snapshot of the last progress in flexible printed gas sensors
A Fioravanti, MC Carotta
Applied Sciences 10 (5), 1741, 2020
Chemoresistive gas sensors for sub-ppm acetone detection
A Fioravanti, S Morandi, MC Carotta
Procedia Engineering 168, 485-488, 2016
(Ti, Sn) solid solutions as functional materials for gas sensing
MC Carotta, A Fioravanti, S Gherardi, C Malag, M Sacerdoti, G Ghiotti, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 194, 195-205, 2014
Preparation and characterization of UV-cured composite films containing ZnO nanostructures: Effect of filler geometric features on piezoelectric response
G Malucelli, A Fioravanti, L Francioso, C De Pascali, MA Signore, ...
Progress in Organic Coatings 109, 45-54, 2017
A portable air-quality station based on thick film gas sensors for real time detection of traces of atmospheric pollutants
A Fioravanti, A Bonanno, S Gherardi, MC Carotta, AN Skouloudis
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 108 (1), 012005, 2016
On mechanism of NO2 detection by ZnO excitonic luminescence
E Orabona, D Pallotti, A Fioravanti, S Gherardi, M Sacerdoti, MC Carotta, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 210, 706-711, 2015
Operational functionalities of air-quality WSn metal-oxide sensors correlating semiconductor defect levels and surface potential barriers
S Morandi, A Amodio, A Fioravanti, A Giacomino, M Mazzocchi, ...
Science of The Total Environment 706, 135731, 2020
Enhanced gas sensing properties of different ZnO 3D hierarchical structures
A Fioravanti, A Bonanno, M Mazzocchi, MC Carotta, M Sacerdoti
Advances in Science and Technology 99, 48-53, 2017
(Ti, Sn) Solid Solution Based Gas Sensors for New Monitoring of Hydraulic Oil Degradation
A Fioravanti, P Marani, GP Massarotti, S Lettieri, S Morandi, MC Carotta
Materials 14 (3), 605, 2021
Growth mechanisms of ZnO micro-nanomorphologies and their role in enhancing gas sensing properties
A Fioravanti, P Marani, S Morandi, S Lettieri, M Mazzocchi, M Sacerdoti, ...
Sensors 21 (4), 1331, 2021
ZnO as functional material for sub-ppm acetone detection
A Fioravanti, A Bonanno, MC Carotta, S Gherardi, S Lettieri, P Maddalena, ...
SENSORS, 2014 IEEE, 803-806, 2014
Abrasive properties of ZnO: Influence of different nanoforms
E Casamassa, A Fioravanti, M Mazzocchi, MC Carotta, MG Faga
Tribology International 142, 105984, 2020
Synthesis and characterization of UV‐curable nanocellulose/ZnO/AlN acrylic flexible films: Thermal, dynamic mechanical and piezoelectric response
MA Signore, C De Pascali, D Duraccio, G Malucelli, A Fioravanti, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 138 (4), 49731, 2021
Ultrasensitive Gas Sensors Based on Electrospun TiO2 and ZnO
A Fioravanti, S Morandi, AR Pedrazzo, P Bracco, M Zanetti, M Manzoli, ...
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings 1 (4), 485, 2017
Investigation of the key parameters for gas sensing through comparison of electrospun and sol-gel semiconducting oxides
A Fioravanti, S Morandi, AR Pedrazzo, C Cecone, M Manzoli, M Zanetti, ...
Ceramics International, 2022
Optical Sensing of Molecular Oxygen (O2) via Metal Oxide Photoluminescence: A Comparative Study of TiO2, SnO2 and ZnO
A Fioravanti, P Marani, S Morandi, L Giordano, P Maddalena, MC Carotta, ...
Chemosensors 9 (7), 163, 2021
UV-cured composite films containing ZnO nanostructures: effect of filler shape on piezoelectric response
L Francioso, G Malucelli, A Fioravanti, CD Pascali, MA Signore, ...
AISEM Annual Conference on Sensors and Microsystems, 323-330, 2017
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