Diana (M.E.) Torta
Diana (M.E.) Torta
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Meta-analytic clustering of the insular cortex: characterizing the meta-analytic connectivity of the insula when involved in active tasks
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Objective and self-reported cognitive dysfunction in breast cancer women treated with chemotherapy: a prospective study
TR Biglia N, Bounous VE, Malabaila A, Palmisano D
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On the role of dopamine replacement therapy in decision-making, working memory, and reward in Parkinson’s disease: does the therapy-dose matter?
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Parcellation of the cingulate cortex at rest and during tasks: a meta-analytic clustering and experimental study
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Attention to pain! A neurocognitive perspective on attentional modulation of pain in neuroimaging studies
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Looking at the hand modulates the brain responses to nociceptive and non‐nociceptive somatosensory stimuli but does not necessarily modulate their perception
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Prisms for pain. Can visuo-motor rehabilitation strategies alleviate chronic pain?
D Torta, V Legrain, Y Rossetti, A Mouraux
European Journal of Pain 20 (1), 64-69, 2016
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