Raffaele Porta
Raffaele Porta
Professore ordinario di Biochimica, Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, Università di Napoli "Federico II"
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Preparation and mechanical properties of edible pectin–soy flour films obtained in the absence or presence of transglutaminase
L Mariniello, P Di Pierro, C Esposito, A Sorrentino, P Masi, R Porta
Journal of Biotechnology 102 (2), 191-198, 2003
Chitosan− whey protein edible films produced in the absence or presence of transglutaminase: analysis of their mechanical and barrier properties
P Di Pierro, B Chico, R Villalonga, L Mariniello, AE Damiao, P Masi, ...
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Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies from coeliac patients inhibit transglutaminase activity both in vitro and in situ
C Esposito, F Paparo, I Caputo, M Rossi, M Maglio, D Sblattero, T Not, ...
Gut 51 (2), 177-181, 2002
Chitosan/whey protein film as active coating to extend Ricotta cheese shelf-life
P Di Pierro, A Sorrentino, L Mariniello, CVL Giosafatto, R Porta
LWT-Food science and technology 44 (10), 2324-2327, 2011
Expression and enzymatic activity of small intestinal tissue transglutaminase in celiac disease
C Esposito, F Paparo, I Caputo, R Porta, VM Salvati, G Mazzarella, ...
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Incorporation of whey proteins into cheese curd by using transglutaminase
A Cozzolino, P Di Pierro, L Mariniello, A Sorrentino, P Masi, R Porta
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Transglutaminase-mediated modifications of the rat sperm surface in vitro
G Paonessa, S Metafora, G Tajana, P Abrescia, A De Santis, V Gentile, ...
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Transglutaminase crosslinked pectin-and chitosan-based edible films: A review
R Porta, L Mariniello, P Di Pierro, A Sorrentino, CVL Giosafatto
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Transglutaminase‐catalyzed synthesis of trypsin–cyclodextrin conjugates: Kinetics and stability properties
R Villalonga, M Fernández, A Fragoso, R Cao, P Di Pierro, L Mariniello, ...
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Transglutaminase-catalyzed preparation of chitosan–ovalbumin films
P Di Pierro, B Chico, R Villalonga, L Mariniello, P Masi, R Porta
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Identification of Prunus armeniaca cultivars by RAPD and SCAR markers
L Mariniello, MG Sommella, A Sorrentino, M Forlani, R Porta
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Immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties of a major protein secreted from the epithelium of the rat seminal vesicles
S Metafora, G Peluso, P Persico, G Ravagnan, C Esposito, R Porta
Biochemical pharmacology 38 (1), 121-131, 1989
Mass spectrometric identification of the amino donor and acceptor sites in a transglutaminase protein substrate secreted from rat seminal vesicles
R Porta, C Esposito, S Metafora, A Malorni, P Pucci, R Siciliano, G Marino
Biochemistry 30 (12), 3114-3120, 1991
Thermal stabilization of trypsin by enzymic modification with β‐cyclodextrin derivatives
R Villalonga, M Fernández, A Fragoso, R Cao, L Mariniello, R Porta
Biotechnology and applied biochemistry 38 (1), 53-59, 2003
C Esposito, P Pucci, A Amoresano, G Marino, A Cozzolino, R Porta
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Transglutaminase-induced chemical and rheological properties of cheese
PD Pierro, L Mariniello, A Sorrentino, CVL Giosafatto, L Chianese, ...
Food Biotechnology 24 (2), 107-120, 2010
Application of transglutaminase-crosslinked whey protein/pectin films as water barrier coatings in fried and baked foods
GR Marquez, P Di Pierro, M Esposito, L Mariniello, R Porta
Food and bioprocess technology 7 (2), 447-455, 2014
Homology between rabbit uteroglobin and the rat seminal vesicle sperm-binding protein: prediction of structural features of glutamine substrates for transglutaminase
S Metafora, F Facchiano, A Facchiano, C Esposito, G Peluso, R Porta
Journal of protein chemistry 6 (4), 353-359, 1987
Sperm maturation in human semen: role of transglutaminase-mediated reactions
R Porta, C Esposito, A De Santis, A Fusco, M Iannone, S Metafora
Biology of reproduction 35 (4), 965-970, 1986
Synthesis and Resistance to in Vitro Proteolysis of Transglutaminase Cross-Linked Phaseolin, the Major Storage Protein from Phaseolus vulgaris
L Mariniello, CVL Giosafatto, P Di Pierro, A Sorrentino, R Porta
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 55 (12), 4717-4721, 2007
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