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Anomalous high ionic conductivity of nanoporous β-Li3PS4
Z Liu, W Fu, EA Payzant, X Yu, Z Wu, NJ Dudney, J Kiggans, K Hong, ...
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Structural Transformation of a Lithium-Rich Li1. 2Co0. 1Mn0. 55Ni0. 15O2 Cathode During High Voltage Cycling Resolved by In Situ X-Ray Diffraction
D Mohanty, S Kalnaus, R Meisner, KJ Rhodes, J Li, EA Payzant, ...
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Aromatic Polythiourea Dielectrics with Ultrahigh Breakdown Field Strength, Low Dielectric Loss, and High Electric Energy Density
S Wu, W Li, M Lin, Q Burlingame, Q Chen, A Payzant, K Xiao, QM Zhang
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Unraveling the Voltage Fade Mechanism in High-Energy-Density Lithium-ion Batteries: Origin of the Tetrahedral Cations for Spinel Conversion
D Mohanty, J Li, DP Abraham, A Huq, EA Payzant, DL Wood, III, C Daniel
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Comparison of residual stresses in Inconel 718 simple parts made by electron beam melting and direct laser metal sintering
LM Sochalski-Kolbus, EA Payzant, PA Cornwell, TR Watkins, SS Babu, ...
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ND Hutson, SA Speakman, EA Payzant
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Three-Dimensional Magnetic Correlations in Multiferroic
AD Christianson, MD Lumsden, M Angst, Z Yamani, W Tian, R Jin, ...
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MZC Hu, RD Hunt, EA Payzant, CR Hubbard
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MOD approach for the growth of epitaxial CeO2 buffer layers on biaxially textured Ni–W substrates for YBCO coated conductors
MS Bhuiyan, M Paranthaman, S Sathyamurthy, T Aytug, S Kang, DF Lee, ...
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Surface-Induced Orientation Control of CuPc Molecules for the Epitaxial Growth of Highly Ordered Organic Crystals on Graphene
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 135, 3680-3687, 2013
Wet-chemical synthesis of monodispersed barium titanate particles—hydrothermal conversion of TiO2 microspheres to nanocrystalline BaTiO3
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Investigating phase transformation in Li1. 2Co0. 1Mn0. 55Ni0. 15O2 lithium-ion battery cathode during high-voltage hold (4.5 V) via magnetic, X-ray diffraction and electron …
D Mohanty, AS Sefat, S Kalnaus, J Li, RA Meisner, EA Payzant, ...
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Z Lu, J Zhu, E Andrew Payzant, MP Paranthaman
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PS‐b‐P3HT Copolymers as P3HT/PCBM Interfacial Compatibilizers for High Efficiency Photovoltaics
Z Sun, K Xiao, JK Keum, X Yu, K Hong, J Browning, IN Ivanov, J Chen, ...
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Comparison of oxygen permeability and stability of perovskite type La0. 2A0. 8Co0. 2Fe0. 8O3-δ (A= Sr, Ba, Ca) membranes
S Li, W Jin, P Huang, N Xu, J Shi, YS Lin, MZC Hu, EA Payzant
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 38 (8), 2963-2972, 1999
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