Omar Benhar
Omar Benhar
Research Director, INFN, Roma. Italy, Adjunct Professor, Sapienza University, Roma Italy.
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The nucleon spectral function in nuclear matter
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O Benhar, A Fabrocini, S Fantoni, I Sick
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Gravitational wave asteroseismology reexamined
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Electroweak nuclear response in the quasielastic regime
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Chimeras in networks with purely local coupling
CR Laing
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Nuclear-matter green functions in correlated-basis theory
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The 2010 interim report of the long-baseline neutrino experiment collaboration physics working groups
T Akiri, D Allspach, M Andrews, K Arisaka, E Arrieta-Diaz, M Artuso, X Bai, ...
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The imprint of the equation of state on the axial w-modes of oscillating neutron stars
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Total neutrino and antineutrino nuclear cross sections around 1 GeV
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Evolution of a global string network in a matter-dominated universe
M Yamaguchi, J Yokoyama, M Kawasaki
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Non-unitarity, sterile neutrinos, and non-standard neutrino interactions
M Blennow, P Coloma, E Fernandez-Martinez, J Hernandez-Garcia, ...
Journal of High Energy Physics 2017 (4), 153, 2017
Why photoproduction of charmonium on nuclei does not measure the charmonium-nucleon total cross section
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Physical review letters 69 (8), 1156, 1992
Scattering of GeV electrons by light nuclei
O Benhar, VR Pandharipande
Physical Review C 47 (5), 2218, 1993
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