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Analysis of temperature-promoted and solvent-assisted cross-linking in sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone)(SPEEK) proton-conducting membranes
ML Di Vona, E Sgreccia, S Licoccia, G Alberti, L Tortet, P Knauth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (21), 7505-7512, 2009
Thermogravimetric analysis of SPEEK membranes: thermal stability, degree of sulfonation and cross-linking reaction
P Knauth, H Hou, E Bloch, E Sgreccia, ML Di Vona
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 92 (2), 361-365, 2011
Mechanical properties of proton-conducting sulfonated aromatic polymer membranes: Stress–strain tests and dynamical analysis
E Sgreccia, JF Chailan, M Khadhraoui, ML Di Vona, P Knauth
Journal of Power Sources 195 (23), 7770-7775, 2010
High ionic exchange capacity polyphenylsulfone (SPPSU) and polyethersulfone (SPES) cross-linked by annealing treatment: Thermal stability, hydration level and mechanical properties
ML Di Vona, E Sgreccia, M Tamilvanan, M Khadhraoui, C Chassigneux, ...
Journal of membrane science 354 (1-2), 134-141, 2010
Composite polymer electrolytes of sulfonated poly-ether-ether-ketone (SPEEK) with organically functionalized TiO2
ML Di Vona, E Sgreccia, A Donnadio, M Casciola, JF Chailan, G Auer, ...
Journal of membrane science 369 (1-2), 536-544, 2011
Composite proton-conducting hybrid polymers: Water sorption isotherms and mechanical properties of blends of sulfonated PEEK and substituted PPSU
MLD Vona, E Sgreccia, S Licoccia, M Khadhraoui, R Denoyel, P Knauth
Chemistry of Materials 20 (13), 4327-4334, 2008
Cross‐linking of sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) by thermal treatment: how does the reaction occur?
B Maranesi, H Hou, R Polini, E Sgreccia, G Alberti, R Narducci, P Knauth, ...
Fuel Cells 13 (2), 107-117, 2013
Tuneable properties of carbon quantum dots by different synthetic methods
AR Nallayagari, E Sgreccia, R Pizzoferrato, M Cabibbo, S Kaciulis, E Bolli, ...
Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, 1-16, 2021
Alkaline stability of model anion exchange membranes based on poly (phenylene oxide)(PPO) with grafted quaternary ammonium groups: Influence of the functionalization route
RA Becerra-Arciniegas, R Narducci, G Ercolani, S Antonaroli, E Sgreccia, ...
Polymer 185, 121931, 2019
High performance sulfonated aromatic ionomers by solvothermal macromolecular synthesis
ML Di Vona, G Alberti, E Sgreccia, M Casciola, P Knauth
International journal of hydrogen energy 37 (10), 8672-8680, 2012
Thermal crosslinked and nanodiamond reinforced SPEEK composite membrane for PEMFC
H Hou, R Polini, ML Di Vona, X Liu, E Sgreccia, JF Chailan, P Knauth
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38 (8), 3346-3351, 2013
Hybrid composite membranes based on SPEEK and functionalized PPSU for PEM fuel cells
E Sgreccia, ML Di Vona, P Knauth
International journal of hydrogen energy 36 (13), 8063-8069, 2011
Self-assembled nanocomposite organic–inorganic proton conducting sulfonated poly-ether-ether-ketone (SPEEK)-based membranes: optimized mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
E Sgreccia, ML Di Vona, S Licoccia, M Sganappa, M Casciola, JF Chailan, ...
Journal of power Sources 192 (2), 353-359, 2009
Water activity coefficient and proton mobility in hydrated acidic polymers
P Knauth, E Sgreccia, A Donnadio, M Casciola, ML Di Vona
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 158 (2), B159, 2010
Effective ion mobility in anion exchange ionomers: Relations with hydration, porosity, tortuosity, and percolation
P Knauth, L Pasquini, R Narducci, E Sgreccia, RA Becerra-Arciniegas, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 617, 118622, 2021
Mechanical properties of hybrid proton conducting polymer blends based on sulfonated polyetheretherketones
E Sgreccia, M Khadhraoui, C De Bonis, S Licoccia, ML Di Vona, P Knauth
Journal of power sources 178 (2), 667-670, 2008
New approach for the evaluation of membranes transport properties for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
A Brunetti, E Fontananova, A Donnadio, M Casciola, ML Di Vona, ...
Journal of Power Sources 205, 222-230, 2012
Synthetic strategies for the preparation of proton-conducting hybrid polymers based on PEEK and PPSU for PEM fuel cells
ML Di Vona, L Luchetti, GP Spera, E Sgreccia, P Knauth
Comptes Rendus. Chimie 11 (9), 1074-1081, 2008
Sorption and condensation phenomena of volatile compounds on solid-state metalloporphyrin films
A Macagnano, E Sgreccia, R Paolesse, F De Cesare, A D’Amico, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 124 (1), 260-268, 2007
Model long side-chain PPO-based anion exchange ionomers: Properties and alkaline stability
RA Becerra-Arciniegas, R Narducci, G Ercolani, E Sgreccia, L Pasquini, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (2), 1309-1316, 2019
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