Johan van Tol
Johan van Tol
Research Faculty, National High Magnetic Field Lab, Florida State Univ.
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Quenching spin decoherence in diamond through spin bath polarization
S Takahashi, R Hanson, J Van Tol, MS Sherwin, DD Awschalom
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Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya Anisotropy in the Spin-1/2 Kagome Compound
A Zorko, S Nellutla, J Van Tol, LC Brunel, F Bert, F Duc, JC Trombe, ...
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Structure, Electrochemistry, and Magnetism of the Iron(III)-Substituted Keggin Dimer, [Fe6(OH)3(A-α-GeW9O34(OH)3)2]11-
LH Bi, U Kortz, S Nellutla, AC Stowe, J van Tol, NS Dalal, B Keita, L Nadjo
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A quasioptical transient electron spin resonance spectrometer operating at 120 and 240 GHz
J Van Tol, LC Brunel, RJ Wylde
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A Planar {Mn19(OH)12}26+ Unit Incorporated in a 60‐Tungsto‐6‐Silicate Polyanion
BS Bassil, M Ibrahim, R Al‐Oweini, M Asano, Z Wang, J van Tol, NS Dalal, ...
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S Takahashi, IS Tupitsyn, J Van Tol, CC Beedle, DN Hendrickson, ...
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Structure and Magnetism of the Tetra-Copper(II)-Substituted Heteropolyanion [Cu4K2(H2O)8(α-AsW9O33)2]8-
U Kortz, S Nellutla, AC Stowe, NS Dalal, J van Tol, BS Bassil
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Magnetism, electron paramagnetic resonance, electrochemistry, and mass spectrometry of the pentacopper (II)-substituted tungstosilicate [Cu5 (OH) 4 (H2O) 2 (A-α-SiW9O33) 2] 10…
S Nellutla, J van Tol, NS Dalal, LH Bi, U Kortz, B Keita, L Nadjo, ...
Inorganic chemistry 44 (26), 9795-9806, 2005
The Satellite-Shaped Co-15 Polyoxotungstate, [Co6(H2O)30{Co9Cl2(OH)3(H2O)9(β-SiW8O31)3}]5-
BS Bassil, S Nellutla, U Kortz, AC Stowe, J van Tol, NS Dalal, B Keita, ...
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Nucleation Process in the Cavity of a 48‐Tungstophosphate Wheel Resulting in a 16‐Metal‐Centre Iron Oxide Nanocluster
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The initialization and manipulation of quantum information stored in silicon by bismuth dopants
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Coherent Manipulation and Decoherence of Single-Molecule Magnets
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GW Morley, LC Brunel, J van Tol
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Electronic spin storage in an electrically readable nuclear spin memory with a lifetime> 100 seconds
DR McCamey, J Van Tol, GW Morley, C Boehme
Science 330 (6011), 1652-1656, 2010
Fundamental Spin Interactions Underlying the Magnetic Anisotropy in the Kitaev Ferromagnet CrI
I Lee, FG Utermohlen, K Hwang, D Weber, C Zhang, J van Tol, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.00077, 2019
Tailoring the Magnetic and Optical Characteristics of Nanocrystalline BiFeO3 by Ce Doping
B Bhushan, Z Wang, J van Tol, N S. Dalal, A Basumallick, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 95 (6), 1985-1992, 2012
Ferromagnetism in graphene nanoribbons: Split versus oxidative unzipped ribbons
SS Rao, SN Jammalamadaka, A Stesmans, VV Moshchalkov, J Tol, ...
Nano letters 12 (3), 1210-1217, 2012
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