Angela Duilio
Angela Duilio
Professoressa di Biologia Molecolare, Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, Università di Napoli Federico II
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Coping with cold: the genome of the versatile marine Antarctica bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
C Médigue, E Krin, G Pascal, V Barbe, A Bernsel, PN Bertin, F Cheung, ...
Genome research 15 (10), 1325-1335, 2005
The regions of the Fe65 protein homologous to the phosphotyrosine interaction/phosphotyrosine binding domain of Shc bind the intracellular domain of the Alzheimer's amyloid …
F Fiore, N Zambrano, G Minopoli, V Donini, A Duilio, T Russo
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (52), 30853-30856, 1995
Fe65L2: a new member of the Fe65 protein family interacting with the intracellular domain of the Alzheimer's beta-amyloid precursor protein.
A Duilio, R Faraonio, G Minopoli, N Zambrano, T Russo
Biochemical Journal 330 (Pt 1), 513, 1998
A rat brain mRNA encoding a transcriptional activator homologous to the DNA binding domain of retroviral integrases
A Duilio, N Zambrano, A Rita Mogavero, R Ammendola, F Cimino, ...
Nucleic acids research 19 (19), 5269-5274, 1991
A novel replication element from an Antarctic plasmid as a tool for the expression of proteins at low temperature
M Tutino, A Duilio, E Parrilli, E Remaut, G Sannia, G Marino
Extremophiles 5 (4), 257-264, 2001
Recombinant protein production in Antarctic Gram-negative bacteria
A Duilio, ML Tutino, G Marino
Recombinant Gene Expression, 225-237, 2004
Promoters from a cold-adapted bacterium: definition of a consensus motif and molecular characterization of UP regulative elements
A Duilio, S Madonna, ML Tutino, M Pirozzi, G Sannia, G Marino
Extremophiles 8 (2), 125-132, 2004
An effective cold inducible expression system developed in Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
R Papa, V Rippa, G Sannia, G Marino, A Duilio
Journal of biotechnology 127 (2), 199-210, 2007
Expression of the neuron-specific FE65 gene marks the development of embryo ganglionic derivatives
A Simeone, A Duilio, F Fiore, D Acampora, C De Felice, R Faraonio, ...
Developmental neuroscience 16 (1-2), 53-60, 1994
PRUNE is crucial for normal brain development and mutated in microcephaly with neurodevelopmental impairment
M Zollo, M Ahmed, V Ferrucci, V Salpietro, F Asadzadeh, M Carotenuto, ...
Brain 140 (4), 940-952, 2017
Secretion of α-amylase from Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAB23: two different pathways in different hosts
ML Tutino, E Parrilli, L Giaquinto, A Duilio, G Sannia, G Feller, G Marino
Journal of bacteriology 184 (20), 5814-5817, 2002
A rolling-circle plasmid from Psychrobacter sp. TA144: evidence for a novel rep subfamily
ML Tutino, A Duilio, MA Moretti, G Sannia, G Marino
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 274 (2), 488-495, 2000
Isolation of cDNA fragments hybridizing to rat brain-specific mRNAs
F Esposito, R Ammendola, A Duilio, F Costanzo, M Giordano, ...
Developmental neuroscience 12 (6), 373-381, 1990
Structure and in vitro transcription of tRNA gene clusters containing the primers of MuLV reverse transcriptase
European journal of biochemistry 158 (3), 437-442, 1986
Heterologous protein expression in psychrophilic hosts
E Parrilli, A Duilio, ML Tutino
Psychrophiles: From biodiversity to biotechnology, 365-379, 2008
Preferential DNA damage prevention by the E. coli AidB gene: A new mechanism for the protection of specific genes
V Rippa, A Duilio, P di Pasquale, A Amoresano, P Landini, MR Volkert
DNA repair 10 (9), 934-941, 2011
Proteomic identification of a two-component regulatory system in Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
R Papa, S Glagla, A Danchin, T Schweder, G Marino, A Duilio
Extremophiles 10 (6), 483-491, 2006
Pseudouridine excretion and transfer RNA primers for reverse transcriptase in tumors of retroviral origin
F Esposito, T Russo, R Ammendola, A Duilio, F Salvatore, F Cimino
Cancer research 45 (12 Part 1), 6260-6263, 1985
The ribosomal protein L2 interacts with the RNA polymerase α subunit and acts as a transcription modulator in Escherichia coli
V Rippa, C Cirulli, B Di Palo, N Doti, A Amoresano, A Duilio
Journal of bacteriology 192 (7), 1882-1889, 2010
Regulated Recombinant Protein Production in the Antarctic Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
V Rippa, R Papa, M Giuliani, C Pezzella, E Parrilli, ML Tutino, G Marino, ...
Recombinant Gene Expression, 203-218, 2012
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