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Superconducting and Semiconducting Magnetic Charge Transfer Salts:(BEDT-TTF) 4AFe (C2O4) 3. cntdot. C6H5CN (A= H2O, K, NH4)
M Kurmoo, AW Graham, P Day, SJ Coles, MB Hursthouse, JL Caulfield, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 117 (49), 12209-12217, 1995
Observation of Higgs boson decay to bottom quarks
CMS collaboration
arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.08242, 2018
Changing and challenging times for service crystallography
SJ Coles, PA Gale
Chemical Science 3 (3), 683-689, 2012
Catalytic intermolecular ortho-arylation of phenols
RB Bedford, ME Limmert
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 68 (22), 8669-8682, 2003
Applying hot-stage microscopy to co-crystal screening: A study of nicotinamide with seven active pharmaceutical ingredients
DJ Berry, CC Seaton, W Clegg, RW Harrington, SJ Coles, PN Horton, ...
Crystal Growth and Design 8 (5), 1697-1712, 2008
Novel expanded ring N-heterocyclic carbenes: free carbenes, silver complexes, and structures
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Squaramides as potent transmembrane anion transporters
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Quadratic Nonlinear Optical Properties of N‐Aryl Stilbazolium Dyes
BJ Coe, JA Harris, I Asselberghs, K Clays, G Olbrechts, A Persoons, ...
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Lewis acidity of tris (pentafluorophenyl) borane: crystal and molecular structure of B (C6F5) 3 OPEt3
MA Beckett, DS Brassington, SJ Coles, MB Hursthouse
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 3 (10), 530-533, 2000
High-activity catalysts for Suzuki coupling and amination reactions with deactivated aryl chloride substrates: importance of the palladium source
RB Bedford, CSJ Cazin, SJ Coles, T Gelbrich, PN Horton, MB Hursthouse, ...
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Quadratic Optical Nonlinearities of N‐Methyl and N‐Aryl Pyridinium Salts
BJ Coe, JA Harris, I Asselberghs, K Wostyn, K Clays, A Persoons, ...
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FAIR principles: interpretations and implementation considerations
A Jacobsen, R de Miranda Azevedo, N Juty, D Batista, S Coles, R Cornet, ...
Data Intelligence 2 (1-2), 10-29, 2020
Thiophene and selenophene copolymers incorporating fluorinated phenylene units in the main chain: synthesis, characterization, and application in organic field-effect transistors
DJ Crouch, PJ Skabara, JE Lohr, JJW McDouall, M Heeney, I McCulloch, ...
Chemistry of materials 17 (26), 6567-6578, 2005
Luminescent, enantiopure, phenylatopyridine iridium-based coordination capsules
O Chepelin, J Ujma, X Wu, AMZ Slawin, MB Pitak, SJ Coles, J Michel, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (47), 19334-19337, 2012
CD200 expression suppresses natural killer cell function and directly inhibits patient anti-tumor response in acute myeloid leukemia
SJ Coles, ECY Wang, S Man, RK Hills, AK Burnett, A Tonks, RL Darley
Leukemia 25 (5), 792-799, 2011
Syntheses and Properties of Two-Dimensional Charged Nonlinear Optical Chromophores Incorporating Redox-Switchable cis-Tetraammineruthenium(II) Centers
BJ Coe, JA Harris, LA Jones, BS Brunschwig, K Song, K Clays, J Garn, ...
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Luminescent PtII(bipyridyl)(diacetylide) Chromophores with Pendant Binding Sites as Energy Donors for Sensitised Near‐Infrared Emission from Lanthanides: Structures and…
TK Ronson, T Lazarides, H Adams, SJA Pope, D Sykes, S Faulkner, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 12 (36), 9299-9313, 2006
First examples of diazepanylidene carbenes and their late-transition-metal complexes
M Iglesias, DJ Beetstra, A Stasch, PN Horton, MB Hursthouse, SJ Coles, ...
Organometallics 26 (19), 4800-4809, 2007
Fluoride-selective binding in a new deep cavity calix [4] pyrrole: Experiment and theory
CJ Woods, S Camiolo, ME Light, SJ Coles, MB Hursthouse, MA King, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (29), 8644-8652, 2002
Reaction of naphthoquinones with substituted nitromethanes. Facile synthesis and antifungal activity of naphtho [2, 3-d] isoxazole-4, 9-diones
MMM Santos, N Faria, J Iley, SJ Coles, MB Hursthouse, ML Martins, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 20 (1), 193-195, 2010
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