Shimin Le
Shimin Le
Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore
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Revealing the competition between peeled ssDNA, melting bubbles, and S-DNA during DNA overstretching by single-molecule calorimetry
X Zhang, H Chen, S Le, I Rouzina, PS Doyle, J Yan
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (10), 3865-3870, 2013
Tension-dependent stretching activates ZO-1 to control the junctional localization of its interactors
D Spadaro, S Le, T Laroche, I Mean, L Jond, J Yan, S Citi
Current Biology 27 (24), 3783-3795. e8, 2017
Elasticity of the transition state leading to an unexpected mechanical stabilization of titin immunoglobulin domains
G Yuan, S Le, M Yao, H Qian, X Zhou, J Yan, H Chen
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mDia1 senses both force and torque during F-actin filament polymerization
M Yu, X Yuan, C Lu, S Le, R Kawamura, AK Efremov, Z Zhao, MM Kozlov, ...
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Force and ATP hydrolysis dependent regulation of RecA nucleoprotein filament by single-stranded DNA binding protein
H Fu, S Le, H Chen, K Muniyappa, J Yan
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Mechanochemical regulations of RPA's binding to ssDNA
J Chen, S Le, A Basu, WJ Chazin, J Yan
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Mechanosensing of DNA bending in a single specific protein-DNA complex
S Le, H Chen, P Cong, J Lin, P Drge, J Yan
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Uncovering mechanosensing mechanisms at the single protein level using magnetic tweezers
S Le, R Liu, CT Lim, J Yan
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Dynamics and regulation of RecA polymerization and de-polymerization on double-stranded DNA
H Fu, S Le, K Muniyappa, J Yan
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Mechanotransmission and mechanosensing of human alpha-actinin 1
S Le, X Hu, M Yao, H Chen, M Yu, X Xu, N Nakazawa, FM Margadant, ...
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Disturbance-free rapid solution exchange for magnetic tweezers single-molecule studies
S Le, M Yao, J Chen, AK Efremov, S Azimi, J Yan
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Structural–elastic determination of the force-dependent transition rate of biomolecules
S Guo, Q Tang, M Yao, H You, S Le, H Chen, J Yan
Chemical science 9 (27), 5871-5882, 2018
Mechanical force antagonizes the inhibitory effects of RecX on RecA filament formation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
S Le, H Chen, X Zhang, J Chen, KN Patil, K Muniyappa, J Yan
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Effects of mechanical stimuli on profilin-and formin-mediated actin polymerization
M Yu, S Le, AK Efremov, X Zeng, A Bershadsky, J Yan
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Bacillus subtilis RecA with DprA–SsbA antagonizes RecX function during natural transformation
S Le, E Serrano, R Kawamura, B Carrasco, J Yan, JC Alonso
Nucleic acids research 45 (15), 8873-8885, 2017
Parallel triplex structure formed between stretched single-stranded DNA and homologous duplex DNA
J Chen, Q Tang, S Guo, C Lu, S Le, J Yan
Nucleic acids research 45 (17), 10032-10041, 2017
Dystrophin as a molecular shock absorber
S Le, M Yu, L Hovan, Z Zhao, J Ervasti, J Yan
ACS nano 12 (12), 12140-12148, 2018
Mechanical responses of the mechanosensitive unstructured domains in cardiac titin
SM Pang, S Le, J Yan
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Two-state folding energy determination based on transition points in nonequilibrium single-molecule experiments
H You, S Guo, S Le, Q Tang, M Yao, X Zhao, J Yan
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Force-Dependent Regulation of Talin–KANK1 Complex at Focal Adhesions
M Yu, S Le, YC Ammon, BT Goult, A Akhmanova, J Yan
Nano letters 19 (9), 5982-5990, 2019
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