Massimiliano Fabbricino
Massimiliano Fabbricino
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Use of chitosan and chitosan-derivatives to remove arsenic from aqueous solutions—a mini review
L Pontoni, M Fabbricino
Carbohydrate research 356, 86-92, 2012
In situ examination of the protonation behavior of fulvic acids using differential absorbance spectroscopy
DJ Dryer, GV Korshin, M Fabbricino
Environmental Science & Technology 42 (17), 6644-6649, 2008
Improving biological production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV) co-polymer: a critical review
G Policastro, A Panico, M Fabbricino
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Pre-treatments of MSWI fly-ashes: A comprehensive review to determine optimal conditions for their reuse and/or environmentally sustainable disposal
A Ferraro, I Farina, M Race, F Colangelo, R Cioffi, M Fabbricino
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Effect of soil/contamination characteristics and process operational conditions on aminopolycarboxylates enhanced soil washing for heavy metals removal: a review
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An environmental friendly cycle for Cr (III) removal and recovery from tannery wastewater
M Fabbricino, B Naviglio, G Tortora, L d'Antonio
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Application of an electrochemical treatment for EDDS soil washing solution regeneration and reuse in a multi-step soil washing process: case of a Cu contaminated soil
A Ferraro, ED van Hullebusch, D Huguenot, M Fabbricino, G Esposito
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Photofermentative production of hydrogen and poly-β-hydroxybutyrate from dark fermentation products
V Luongo, A Ghimire, L Frunzo, M Fabbricino, G d'Antonio, F Pirozzi, ...
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M Fabbricino, GV Korshin
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Combined bioaugmentation with anaerobic ruminal fungi and fermentative bacteria to enhance biogas production from wheat straw and mushroom spent straw
A Ferraro, G Dottorini, G Massini, VM Miritana, A Signorini, G Lembo, ...
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B Lukić, A Panico, D Huguenot, M Fabbricino, ED van Hullebusch, ...
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Copper and zinc removal from contaminated soils through soil washing process using ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid as a chelating agent: A modeling investigation
M Race, R Marotta, M Fabbricino, F Pirozzi, R Andreozzi, L Cortese, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 4 (3), 2878-2891, 2016
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F Liotta, P Chatellier, G Esposito, M Fabbricino, L Frunzo, ...
Environmental technology 36 (7), 870-880, 2015
Current emerging SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: potential direct/indirect negative impacts of virus persistence and related therapeutic drugs on the aquatic compartments
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Comparison of the effects of chloramine and chlorine on the aromaticity of dissolved organic matter and yields of disinfection by-products
M Yan, P Roccaro, M Fabbricino, GV Korshin
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Biohydrogen and poly-β-hydroxybutyrate production by winery wastewater photofermentation: Effect of substrate concentration and nitrogen source
G Policastro, V Luongo, M Fabbricino
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Effects of charging on the chromophores of dissolved organic matter from the Rio Negro basin
M Yan, GV Korshin, F Claret, JP Croué, M Fabbricino, H Gallard, ...
Water research 59, 154-164, 2014
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