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Kinetic solvent effects on hydroxylic hydrogen atom abstractions are independent of the nature of the abstracting radical. Two extreme tests using vitamin E and phenol
L Valgimigli, JT Banks, KU Ingold, J Lusztyk
Journal of the American Chemical Society 117 (40), 9966-9971, 1995
Kinetic Solvent Effects on Hydrogen-Atom Abstractions:  Reliable, Quantitative Predictions via a Single Empirical Equation1
DW Snelgrove, J Lusztyk, JT Banks, P Mulder, KU Ingold
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (3), 469-477, 2001
Solvent Effects on the Antioxidant Activity of Vitamin E1
L Valgimigli, JT Banks, J Lusztyk, KU Ingold
The Journal of organic chemistry 64 (9), 3381-3383, 1999
Evaporation of Water Microdroplets on Self‐Assembled Monolayers: From Pinning to Shrinking
HZ Yu, DM Soolaman, AW Rowe, JT Banks
ChemPhysChem 5 (7), 1035-1038, 2004
The laser-drop method: a new approach to induce multiple photon chemistry with pulsed lasers. Examples involving reactions of diphenylmethyl and cumyloxyl radicals
JT Banks, JC Scaiano
Journal of the American Chemical Society 115 (14), 6409-6413, 1993
Mechanism of hydroxylation of alkanes by dimethyldioxirane. A radical-clock study
R Vanni, SJ Garden, JT Banks, KU Ingold
Tetrahedron letters 36 (44), 7999-8002, 1995
Opportunistic use of tetrachloroaurate photolysis in the generation of reductive species for the production of gold nanostructures
KL McGilvray, J Granger, M Correia, JT Banks, JC Scaiano
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (25), 11914-11918, 2011
The Neophyl-like Rearrangement of Alkoxyl Radicals Revisited: Laser Flash and Laser Drop Photolysis Studies of 1, 1-Diphenylethoxyl Radicals
JT Banks, JC Scaiano
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 99 (11), 3527-3531, 1995
Measurement of Equilibrium Constants for Complex Formation between Phenol and Hydrogen-Bond Acceptors by Kinetic Laser Flash Photolysis1
JT Banks, KU Ingold, J Lusztyk
Journal of the American Chemical Society 118 (28), 6790-6791, 1996
Laser flash, laser-drop, and preparative photochemistry of 1, 5-diiodo-1, 5-diphenylpentane. Detection of a hypervalent iodine radical intermediate
JT Banks, H Garcia, MA Miranda, J Perez-Prieto, JC Scaiano
Journal of the American Chemical Society 117 (18), 5049-5054, 1995
Structure of dithiothreitol monolayers on Au (111)
AR MacDairmid, MC Gallagher, JT Banks
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (36), 9789-9792, 2003
Clocking Tertiary Cyclopropylcarbinyl Radical Rearrangements1
PS Engel, SL He, JT Banks, KU Ingold, J Lusztyk
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 62 (5), 1210-1214, 1997
Direct visualization of the hydrolysis kinetics of titanium (IV) alkoxides on functionalized gold surfaces
JT Banks, TT Yu, HZ Yu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (14), 3538-3542, 2002
Benzylchlorocarbene: Origins of Arrhenius curvature in the kinetics of the 1, 2-H shift rearrangement
DC Merrer, RA Moss, MTH Liu, JT Banks, KU Ingold
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 63 (9), 3010-3016, 1998
Thermal and photochemical fragmentation of. alpha.,. alpha.-dialkoxybenzyl radicals: a comparison of the thermal reactions with laser induced fragmentations by using laser …
JT Banks, JC Scaiano, W Adam, RS Oestrich
Journal of the American Chemical Society 115 (6), 2473-2477, 1993
Synthesis of novel oxazoline ligands designed for attachment to gold nanoparticles
JT Banks, KM Button, RA Gossage
Heterocycles 55 (12), 2251-2256, 2001
Bicyclo [1.1. 1] pent-1-yl: A tertiary alkyl radical with enhanced reactivity
JT Banks, KU Ingold, EW Della, JC Walton
Tetrahedron letters 37 (44), 8059-8060, 1996
The Laser-drop Technique: A Semipreparative Method for the Study of Multiphotonic Processes
JC Scaiano, JT Banks
J. Brazil Chem. Soc 6, 199-210, 1995
The effect of humidity on the electrical susceptibility of mesoporous silicates formed from organosilane substitution on octylamine micelles
WM Sears, JT Banks, KL Hardy, SM Hartzke
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 102 (1), 86-96, 2004
Titania encapsulation of flat gold nanoparticles — A simple route to Au@TiO2 core-shell nanosheets
JJ McDowell, JI McKelvey, LA Richard, JT Banks
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 86 (7), 703-708, 2008
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