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Vadivalagan Chithravel, Ph.D.,
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Molecular identification of shrimp species, Penaeus semisulcatus, Metapenaeus dobsoni, Metapenaeus brevicornis, Fenneropenaeus indicus, Parapenaeopsis stylifera and Solenocera …
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Mangrove Helps: Sonneratia alba-Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles Magnify Guppy Fish Predation Against Aedes aegypti Young Instars and Down-Regulate the …
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Diversity of zooplankton in four perennial lakes of Coimbatore (India) and molecular characterization of Asplanchna intermedia, Moina micrura, Mesocyclops edax and Cypris …
PS Bhavan, R Udayasuriyan, C Vadivalagan, R Kalpana, ...
J Entomol Zool Stud 4 (2), 183-97, 2016
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