Alexander Soldatov
Alexander Soldatov
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Revisiting the nature of Cu sites in the activated Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst for SCR reaction
E Borfecchia, KA Lomachenko, F Giordanino, H Falsig, P Beato, ...
Chemical science 6 (1), 548-563, 2015
Crystal-structure effects in the Ce L 3-edge x-ray-absorption spectrum of CeO 2: Multiple-scattering resonances and many-body final states
AV Soldatov, TS Ivanchenko, S Della Longa, A Kotani, Y Iwamoto, ...
Physical Review B 50 (8), 5074, 1994
Interaction of NH3 with Cu-SSZ-13 Catalyst: A Complementary FTIR, XANES, and XES Study
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G Smolentsev, A Soldatov
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X-ray emission spectroscopy to study ligand valence orbitals in Mn coordination complexes
G Smolentsev, AV Soldatov, J Messinger, K Merz, T Weyhermüller, ...
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Optimized finite difference method for the full-potential XANES simulations: application to molecular adsorption geometries in MOFs and metal–ligand intersystem crossing transients
SA Guda, AA Guda, MA Soldatov, KA Lomachenko, AL Bugaev, ...
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FitIt: New software to extract structural information on the basis of XANES fitting
G Smolentsev, AV Soldatov
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High resolution X-ray emission spectroscopy of water and aqueous ions using the micro-jet technique
KM Lange, R Knnecke, S Ghadimi, R Golnak, MA Soldatov, KF Hodeck, ...
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Atomic and electronic structure probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy: full multiple scattering analysis with the G4XANES package
S Della Longa, A Soldatov, M Pompa, A Bianconi
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Electronic structure of  X-ray absorption analysis
AN Kravtsova, IE Stekhin, AV Soldatov, X Liu, ME Fleet
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Local structure and oxidation state of uranium in some ternary oxides: X-ray absorption analysis
AV Soldatov, D Lamoen, MJ Konstantinović, S Van den Berghe, ...
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On the Origin of the Hydrogen‐Bond‐Network Nature of Water: X‐Ray Absorption and Emission Spectra of Water–Acetonitrile Mixtures
KM Lange, R Knnecke, M Soldatov, R Golnak, JE Rubensson, ...
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Negative thermal expansion of fullerite at liquid helium temperatures
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Ti site occupancy in zircon
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Three-dimensional local structure refinement using a full-potential XANES analysis
G Smolentsev, AV Soldatov, MC Feiters
Physical Review B 75 (14), 144106, 2007
Three-dimensional local structure refinement using a full-potential XANES analysis
G Smolentsev, AV Soldatov, MC Feiters
Physical Review B 75 (14), 144106, 2007
Influence of ligand substitution on excited state structural dynamics in Cu (I) bisphenanthroline complexes
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Relevant role of hydrogen atoms in the XANES of Pd hydride: Evidence of hydrogen induced unoccupied states
AV Soldatov, S Della Longa, A Bianconi
Solid state communications 85 (10), 863-868, 1993
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