Bernhard Reischl
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Free energy approaches for modeling atomic force microscopy in liquids
B Reischl, M Watkins, AS Foster
Journal of chemical theory and computation 9 (1), 600-608, 2012
Mechanism of atomic force microscopy imaging of three-dimensional hydration structures at a solid-liquid interface
T Fukuma, B Reischl, N Kobayashi, P Spijker, FF Canova, K Miyazawa, ...
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A simple approximation for forces exerted on an AFM tip in liquid
M Watkins, B Reischl
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The statistics of electric field fluctuations in liquid water
B Reischl, J Köfinger, C Dellago
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N Samadashvili, B Reischl, T Hynninen, T Ala-Nissilä, AS Foster
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Understanding 2D atomic resolution imaging of the calcite surface in water by frequency modulation atomic force microscopy
J Tracey, K Miyazawa, P Spijker, K Miyata, B Reischl, F Federici Canova, ...
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Flexible and modular virtual scanning probe microscope
J Tracey, FF Canova, O Keisanen, DZ Gao, P Spijker, B Reischl, ...
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Resolving point defects in the hydration structure of calcite (10.4) with three-dimensional atomic force microscopy
H Söngen, B Reischl, K Miyata, R Bechstein, P Raiteri, AL Rohl, JD Gale, ...
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Can Point Defects in Surfaces in Solution be Atomically Resolved by Atomic Force Microscopy?
B Reischl, P Raiteri, JD Gale, AL Rohl
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Atomistic simulation of the measurement of mechanical properties of gold nanorods by AFM
B Reischl, AL Rohl, A Kuronen, K Nordlund
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B Reischl, A Kuronen, K Nordlund
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J Seppä, B Reischl, H Sairanen, V Korpelainen, H Husu, M Heinonen, ...
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Rate enhancement in collisions of sulfuric acid molecules due to long-range intermolecular forces
R Halonen, E Zapadinsky, T Kurtén, H Vehkamäki, B Reischl
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Atomistic Simulation of Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Hydration Layers on Calcite, Dolomite and Magnesite Surfaces
B Reischl, P Raiteri, JD Gale, AL Rohl
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (24), 14985-14992, 2019
Effect of defects on heterogeneous ice nucleation at silver iodide surfaces
B Reischl, G Roudsari, O Pakarinen, H Vehkamäki
Simulating solid-liquid interfaces in atomic force microscopy
B Reischl, FF Canova, P Spijker, M Watkins, A Foster
Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy, 379-409, 2015
Atomistic Simulations of Solid-Liquid Interfaces
B Reischl
Aalto University, 2013
Rare electric field fluctuations in liquid water
B Reischl
University of Vienna, 2008
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