Erik Andreas Martens
Erik Andreas Martens
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Technical University of Denmark
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Chimera States in Mechanical Oscillator Networks
EA Martens, S Thutupalli, A Fourrière, O Hallatschek
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi:10.1073/pnas.1302880110 …, 2013
Solvable model of spiral wave chimeras
EA Martens, CR Laing, SH Strogatz
Physical Review Letters 104 (4), 44101, 2010
Exact results for the Kuramoto model with a bimodal frequency distribution
EA Martens, E Barreto, SH Strogatz, E Ott, P So, TM Antonsen
Physical Review E 79 (2), 026204, 2009
Bistable chimera attractors on a triangular network of oscillator populations
EA Martens
Physical Review E 82 (1), 016216, 2010
Controlling Chimeras
C Bick, EA Martens
New Journal of Physics 17, 033030, 2015
Chimeras in a Network of Three Oscillator Populations with Varying Network Topology
EA Martens
Chaos 20, 043122, 2010
Spatial structure increases the waiting time for cancer
EA Martens, R Kostadinov, CC Maley, O Hallatschek
New Journal of Physics 13, 115014, 2011
Characteristic sizes of life in the oceans, from bacteria to whales
KH Andersen, T Berge, RJ Gonçalves, M Hartvig, J Heuschele, ...
Annual Review of Marine Science 8 (3), 1-25, 2016
Intermittent chaotic chimeras for coupled rotators
S Olmi, EA Martens, S Thutupalli, A Torcini
Phys. Rev. E Rapid Communications 92, 030901, 2015
Interfering Waves of Adaptation Promote Spatial Mixing
EA Martens, O Hallatschek
Genetics 189 (3), 1045-1060, 2011
Basins of Attraction for Chimera States
EA Martens, MJ Panaggio, DM Abrams
New Journal of Physics, Fast Track Communication 18, 022002, 2016
Chimera states in two populations with heterogeneous phase-lag
EA Martens, C Bick, MJ Panaggio
Chaos 26 (9), 094819, 2016
Size Structures Sensory Hierarchy in Ocean Life
EA Martens, N Wadhwa, NS Jacobsen, C Lindemann, KH Andersen, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282, 20151346, 2015
Model for Polygonal Hydraulic Jumps
EA Martens, S Watanabe, T Bohr
Physical Review E 85, 036316, 2012
Critical Transitions in Social Network Activity
C Kuehn, EA Martens, D Romero
Journal of Complex Networks (published online); arXiv preprint arXiv:1307.8250, 2014
Modeling of Kidney Hemodynamics: Probability-Based Topology of an Arterial Network
SO Postnov DD, Marsh DJ, Postnov DE, Braunstein TH, Holstein-Rathlou N-H ...
PLoS Comput Biol 12 (7), e1004922, 2016
Chaos in Kuramoto Oscillator Networks
C Bick, MJ Panaggio, EA Martens
Chaos (Fast Track) 28, 071102, 2018
Cooperative Behavior in Networks of Coupled Oscillators
EA Martens
Cornell University, USA, eCommons@Cornell, 2009
Transitions from Trees to Cycles in Adaptive Flow Networks
EA Martens, K Klemm
Frontiers in Physics 5 (62), 2017
Understanding Synchrony Patterns in Biological and Neural Oscillator Networks through Mean-Field Reductions: A Review
C Bick, C Laing, M Goodfellow, EA Martens
arXiv 1902 (05307), 2019
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