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RNA-Puzzles: a CASP-like evaluation of RNA three-dimensional structure prediction
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Role of SLV in SLI substrate recognition by the Neurospora VS ribozyme
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Histone H3. 3G34-mutant interneuron progenitors co-opt PDGFRA for gliomagenesis
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H3. 3 G34W promotes growth and impedes differentiation of osteoblast-like mesenchymal progenitors in giant cell tumor of bone
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Enhanced neuronal regeneration in the CAST/Ei mouse strain is linked to expression of differentiation markers after injury
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MiRBooking simulates the stoichiometric mode of action of microRNAs
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Combined PD-L1 and TIM-3 blockade improves the expansion of fit human CD8+ antigen-specific T cells for adoptive immunotherapy
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When the silent genome gets loud: transcription of repeated genomic elements at the single-cell resolution in K27M-mutated high-grade gliomas
M Coutelier, V Lisi, S Hebert, D Faury, B Krug, N De Jay, N Jabado, ...
Cell Population Effects in a Mouse Tauopathy Model Identified by Single Cell Sequencing
V Lisi, G Luna, A Apostolaki, M Giroux, KS Kosik
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The dual function of LMO2 in driving erythroid cell fate
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Modélisation de réseaux d'interactions des microARN et analyse et validation expérimentale de leurs boucles minimales avec des facteurs de transcription
V Lisi
Universite de Montreal (Canada), 2013
5 Cellular senescence induced by SCL and LMO1 oncogenes is a barrier to leukemogenesis
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3 Identification of SCL and LMO1 oncogenes as transcriptional repressors of HEB/E2A in the thymus through functional genomic/genetic approaches
M Tremblay, S Herblot, M Todorova, PV On, V Lisi, F Major, S Lemieux, ...
Mécanisme de leucémogénèse par les oncogènes SCL et LMO1, 108, 2009
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