Ronan O'Malley
Ronan O'Malley
Joint Genome Institute, LBNL
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Highly Integrated Single-Base Resolution Maps of the Epigenome in Arabidopsis
R Lister, RC O'Malley, J Tonti-Filippini, BD Gregory, CC Berry, AH Millar, ...
Cell 133 (3), 523-536, 2008
Hotspots of aberrant epigenomic reprogramming in human induced pluripotent stem cells
R Lister, M Pelizzola, YS Kida, RD Hawkins, JR Nery, G Hon, ...
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Phased diploid genome assembly with single-molecule real-time sequencing
CS Chin, P Peluso, FJ Sedlazeck, M Nattestad, GT Concepcion, A Clum, ...
Nature methods 13 (12), 1050-1054, 2016
Transgenerational epigenetic instability is a source of novel methylation variants
RJ Schmitz, MD Schultz, MG Lewsey, RC O’Malley, MA Urich, O Libiger, ...
Science 334 (6054), 369-373, 2011
Cistrome and epicistrome features shape the regulatory DNA landscape
RC O’Malley, SC Huang, L Song, MG Lewsey, A Bartlett, JR Nery, M Galli, ...
Cell 165 (5), 1280-1292, 2016
A Link between RNA Metabolism and Silencing Affecting Arabidopsis Development
BD Gregory, RC O'Malley, R Lister, MA Urich, J Tonti-Filippini, H Chen, ...
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Epigenomic diversity in a global collection of Arabidopsis thaliana accessions
T Kawakatsu, SC Huang, F Jupe, E Sasaki, RJ Schmitz, MA Urich, ...
Cell 166 (2), 492-505, 2016
Canonical histidine kinase activity of the transmitter domain of the ETR1 ethylene receptor from Arabidopsis is not required for signal transmission
W Wang, AE Hall, R O'Malley, AB Bleecker
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (1), 352-357, 2003
Forward and reverse genetics through derivation of haploid mouse embryonic stem cells
U Elling, J Taubenschmid, G Wirnsberger, R O'Malley, SP Demers, ...
Cell stem cell 9 (6), 563-574, 2011
Ethylene‐binding activity, gene expression levels, and receptor system output for ethylene receptor family members from Arabidopsis and tomato
RC O'Malley, FI Rodriguez, JJ Esch, BM Binder, P O'Donnell, HJ Klee, ...
The Plant Journal 41 (5), 651-659, 2005
Arabidopsis seedling growth response and recovery to ethylene. A kinetic analysis
BM Binder, RC O'Malley, W Wang, JM Moore, BM Parks, EP Spalding, ...
Plant Physiology 136 (2), 2913-2920, 2004
Linking genotype to phenotype using the Arabidopsis unimutant collection
RC O’Malley, JR Ecker
The Plant Journal 61 (6), 928-940, 2010
An adapter ligation-mediated PCR method for high-throughput mapping of T-DNA inserts in the Arabidopsis genome
RC O'malley, JM Alonso, CJ Kim, TJ Leisse, JR Ecker
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Signaling organogenesis in parasitic angiosperms: xenognosin generation, perception, and response
WJ Keyes, RC O'malley, D Kim, DG Lynn
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 19 (2), 217-231, 2000
Genomics of plant cell wall biogenesis
W Yong, B Link, R O’Malley, J Tewari, CT Hunter, CA Lu, X Li, ...
Planta 221 (6), 747-751, 2005
Mapping genome-wide transcription-factor binding sites using DAP-seq
A Bartlett, RC O'Malley, SC Huang, M Galli, JR Nery, A Gallavotti, ...
Nature protocols 12 (8), 1659, 2017
A mechanism for inducing plant development: the genesis of a specific inhibitor
CE Smith, T Ruttledge, Z Zeng, RC O'Malley, DG Lynn
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Ethylene stimulates nutations that are dependent on the ETR1 receptor
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Expansin message regulation in parasitic angiosperms: marking time in development
RC O’Malley, DG Lynn
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High-throughput single-cell transcriptome profiling of plant cell types
CN Shulse, BJ Cole, D Ciobanu, J Lin, Y Yoshinaga, M Gouran, GM Turco, ...
Cell reports 27 (7), 2241-2247. e4, 2019
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