Guping Tang (汤谷平)
Guping Tang (汤谷平)
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In vivo acute toxicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles to mice after intraperitioneal injection
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The Journal of Gene Medicine: A cross‐disciplinary journal for research on …, 2006
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N/P ratio significantly influences the transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity of a polyethylenimine/chitosan/DNA complex
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Low molecular weight polyethylenimine cross-linked by 2-hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin coupled to peptide targeting HER2 as a gene delivery vector
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Pillar [5] arene-based amphiphilic supramolecular brush copolymers: fabrication, controllable self-assembly and application in self-imaging targeted drug delivery
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JQ Gao, QQ Zhao, TF Lv, WP Shuai, J Zhou, GP Tang, WQ Liang, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 387 (1-2), 286-294, 2010
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