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A versatile targeted metabolomics method for the rapid quantification of multiple classes of phenolics in fruits and beverages
U Vrhovsek, D Masuero, M Gasperotti, P Franceschi, L Caputi, R Viola, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 60 (36), 8831-8840, 2012
Critical review of N, N+, N+ 2, N++, and N++ 2 main production processes and reactions of relevance to Titan's atmosphere
O Dutuit, N Carrasco, R Thissen, V Vuitton, C Alcaraz, P Pernot, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 204 (2), 20, 2013
LC-MS based global metabolite profiling of grapes: solvent extraction protocol optimisation
G Theodoridis, H Gika, P Franceschi, L Caputi, P Arapitsas, M Scholz, ...
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Sample preparation for mass spectrometry imaging of plant tissues: a review
Y Dong, B Li, S Malitsky, I Rogachev, A Aharoni, F Kaftan, A Svatoš, ...
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Combining intensity correlation analysis and MALDI imaging to study the distribution of flavonols and dihydrochalcones in Golden Delicious apples
P Franceschi, Y Dong, K Strupat, U Vrhovsek, F Mattivi
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Stability-based biomarker selection
R Wehrens, P Franceschi, U Vrhovsek, F Mattivi
Analytica chimica acta 705 (1-2), 15-23, 2011
New insights into the reaction mechanisms of phenylium ions with benzene
D Ascenzi, N Cont, G Guella, P Franceschi, P Tosi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (49), 12513-12523, 2007
Phenol production in benzene/air plasmas at atmospheric pressure. Role of radical and ionic routes
D Ascenzi, P Franceschi, G Guella, P Tosi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (25), 7841-7847, 2006
A targeted metabolomics approach to understand differences in flavonoid biosynthesis in red and yellow raspberries
E Carvalho, P Franceschi, A Feller, L Palmieri, R Wehrens, S Martens
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 72, 79-86, 2013
Photoionization Cross Section of Xe+ Ion in the Pure 5 p 5 P 3/2 2 Ground Level
R Thissen, JM Bizau, C Blancard, M Coreno, C Dehon, P Franceschi, ...
Physical review letters 100 (22), 223001, 2008
Use of metabolic profiling to study grape skin polyphenol behavior as a result of canopy microclimate manipulation in a ‘Pinot noir’vineyard
M Sternad Lemut, P Sivilotti, P Franceschi, R Wehrens, U Vrhovsek
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 61 (37), 8976-8986, 2013
Internal energy effects in the reactivity of CO22+ doubly charged molecular ions with CO2 and CO
P Franceschi, R Thissen, J Žabka, J Roithová, Z Herman, O Dutuit
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 228 (2-3), 507-516, 2003
A benchmark spike‐in data set for biomarker identification in metabolomics
P Franceschi, D Masuero, U Vrhovsek, F Mattivi, R Wehrens
Journal of chemometrics 26 (1-2), 16-24, 2012
Bond-forming reactions of dications: Production of and in the reaction of with
D Ascenzi, P Franceschi, P Tosi, D Bassi, M Kaczorowska, JN Harvey
The Journal of chemical physics 118 (5), 2159-2163, 2003
Chemical processes in the atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of benzene
P Franceschi, G Guella, G Scarduelli, P Tosi, G Dilecce, S De Benedictis
Plasma Processes and Polymers 4 (5), 548-555, 2007
Energetics of fragmentations of indene dication from photoionization experiments
J Roithová, J Žabka, D Ascenzi, P Franceschi, CL Ricketts, D Schröder
Chemical physics letters 423 (1-3), 254-259, 2006
Reactivity of and with and
D Ascenzi, D Bassi, P Franceschi, O Hadjar, P Tosi, M Di Stefano, M Rosi, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 121 (14), 6728-6737, 2004
Dissociative double photoionization of using synchrotron radiation: Appearance energy of the dication
P Franceschi, D Ascenzi, P Tosi, R Thissen, J Žabka, J Roithová, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 126 (13), 134310, 2007
Guided ion beams study of ion–molecule reactions at low collision energies: The Li+–acetone adduct formation in the 0.10–1.00 eV center of mass energy range
M Sabidó, JM Lucas, J De Andrés, J Sogas, M Albertí, A Aguilar, D Bassi, ...
Chemical physics letters 442 (1-3), 28-34, 2007
Multiple comparisons in mass-spectrometry-based-omics technologies
P Franceschi, M Giordan, R Wehrens
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 50, 11-21, 2013
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