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Occurrence and toxicity of antimicrobial triclosan and by-products in the environment
G Bedoux, B Roig, O Thomas, V Dupont, B Le Bot
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 19 (4), 1044-1065, 2012
Lipid composition, fatty acids and sterols in the seaweeds Ulva armoricana, and Solieria chordalis from Brittany (France): An analysis from nutritional, chemotaxonomic, and …
M Kendel, G Wielgosz-Collin, S Bertrand, C Roussakis, N Bourgougnon, ...
Marine drugs 13 (9), 5606-5628, 2015
Bioactive components from seaweeds: Cosmetic applications and future development
G Bedoux, K Hardouin, AS Burlot, N Bourgougnon
Advances in Botanical Research 71, 345-378, 2014
Enzyme-assisted extraction (EAE) for the production of antiviral and antioxidant extracts from the green seaweed Ulva armoricana (Ulvales, Ulvophyceae)
K Hardouin, G Bedoux, AS Burlot, C Donnay-Moreno, JP Bergé, ...
Algal Research 16, 233-239, 2016
Biochemical and antiviral activities of enzymatic hydrolysates from different invasive French seaweeds
K Hardouin, AS Burlot, A Umami, A Tanniou, V Stiger-Pouvreau, ...
Journal of Applied Phycology 26 (2), 1029-1042, 2014
Enzyme-assisted extraction of bioactive material from Chondrus crispus and Codium fragile and its effect on herpes simplex virus (HSV-1)
G Kulshreshtha, AS Burlot, C Marty, A Critchley, J Hafting, G Bedoux, ...
Marine drugs 13 (1), 558-580, 2015
In vitro effects of triclosan and methyl-triclosan on the marine gastropod Haliotis tuberculata
B Gaume, N Bourgougnon, S Auzoux-Bordenave, B Roig, B Le Bot, ...
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology …, 2012
Structure of a highly phosphorylated lipopolysaccharide core in the ΔalgC mutants derived from Pseudomonas aeruginosa wild-type strains PAO1 (serogroup O5) and PAC1R (serogroup O3)
O Kooistra, G Bedoux, L Brecker, B Lindner, PS Carballo, D Haras, ...
Carbohydrate research 338 (23), 2667-2677, 2003
Lipid A components from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 (serotype O5) and mutant strains investigated by electrospray ionization ion‐trap mass spectrometry
G Bedoux, K Vallée‐Réhel, O Kooistra, U Zähringer, D Haras
Journal of mass spectrometry 39 (5), 505-513, 2004
Antiherpetic (HSV-1) activity of carrageenans from the red seaweed Solieria chordalis (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) extracted by microwave-assisted extraction (MAE)
R Boulho, C Marty, Y Freile-Pelegrín, D Robledo, N Bourgougnon, ...
Journal of Applied Phycology 29 (5), 2219-2228, 2017
Enzymatic recovery of metabolites from seaweeds: Potential applications
K Hardouin, G Bedoux, AS Burlot, P Nyvall-Collen, N Bourgougnon
Advances in botanical research 71, 279-320, 2014
Total phenolic content and biological activities of enzymatic extracts from Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt
M Puspita, M Déniel, I Widowati, OK Radjasa, P Douzenel, C Marty, ...
Journal of applied phycology 29 (5), 2521-2537, 2017
Antiviral effect of polyphenol rich plant extracts on herpes simplex virus type 1
SA El-Toumy, JY Salib, WA El-Kashak, C Marty, G Bedoux, ...
Food Science and Human Wellness 7 (1), 91-101, 2018
Photo-protective compounds in red macroalgae from Brittany: Considerable diversity in mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs)
F Lalegerie, S Lajili, G Bedoux, L Taupin, V Stiger-Pouvreau, S Connan
Marine environmental research 147, 37-48, 2019
Chemical characterization and photoprotective activity measurement of extracts from the red macroalga Solieria chordalis
G Bedoux, K Hardouin, C Marty, L Taupin, L Vandanjon, N Bourgougnon
Botanica Marina 57 (4), 291-301, 2014
Stress tolerance and photoadaptation to solar radiation in Rhodymenia pseudopalmata (Rhodophyta) through mycosporine-like amino acids, phenolic compounds, and pigments in an …
H Pliego-Cortés, G Bedoux, R Boulho, L Taupin, Y Freile-Pelegrín, ...
Algal Research 41, 101542, 2019
Lipopolysaccharides from commensal and opportunistic bacteria: characterization and response of the immune system of the host sponge Suberites domuncula
J Gardères, G Bedoux, V Koutsouveli, S Crequer, F Desriac, GL Pennec
Marine drugs 13 (8), 4985-5006, 2015
In vitro antiviral activities of enzymatic hydrolysates extracted from byproducts of the Atlantic holothurian Cucumaria frondosa
L Tripoteau, G Bedoux, J Gagnon, N Bourgougnon
Process Biochemistry 50 (5), 867-875, 2015
Antiviral and cytotoxic activities of polysaccharides extracted from four tropical seaweed species
G Bedoux, E Caamal-Fuentes, R Boulho, C Marty, N Bourgougnon, ...
Natural Product Communications 12 (6), 1934578X1701200602, 2017
Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of solid-liquid and enzyme-assisted extraction of phenolic compound from three species of tropical Sargassum
M Puspita, M Deniel, I Widowati, OK Radjasa, P Douzenel, G Bedoux, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 55 (1), 012057, 2017
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