Andrea Maria Chiariello
Andrea Maria Chiariello
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
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Hierarchical folding and reorganization of chromosomes are linked to transcriptional changes in cellular differentiation
J Fraser, C Ferrai, AM Chiariello, M Schueler, T Rito, G Laudanno, ...
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Active and poised promoter states drive folding of the extended HoxB locus in mouse embryonic stem cells
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Comparison of the Hi-C, GAM and SPRITE methods using polymer models of chromatin
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A dynamic folded hairpin conformation is associated with α-globin activation in erythroid cells
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Polymer models of the hierarchical folding of the Hox-B chromosomal locus
C Annunziatella, AM Chiariello, S Bianco, M Nicodemi
Physical Review E 94 (4), 042402, 2016
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