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Coffee variety, origin and extraction procedure: Implications for coffee beneficial effects on human health
C Ciaramelli, A Palmioli, C Airoldi
Food chemistry 278, 47-55, 2019
Designing nanomolar antagonists of DC-SIGN-mediated HIV infection: ligand presentation using molecular rods
S Ordanini, N Varga, V Porkolab, M ThÚpaut, L Belvisi, A Bertaglia, ...
Chemical communications 51 (18), 3816-3819, 2015
Green coffee extract enhances oxidative stress resistance and delays aging in Caenorhabditis elegans
L Amigoni, M Stuknytė, C Ciaramelli, C Magoni, I Bruni, I De Noni, ...
Journal of Functional Foods 33, 297-306, 2017
NMR-driven identification of anti-amyloidogenic compounds in green and roasted coffee extracts
C Ciaramelli, A Palmioli, A De Luigi, L Colombo, G Sala, C Riva, CP Zoia, ...
Food Chemistry 252, 171-180, 2018
Flavonoids in the treatment of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases
C Airoldi, B La Ferla, G D'Orazio, C Ciaramelli, A Palmioli
Current medicinal chemistry 25 (27), 3228-3246, 2018
Natural Compounds in Cancer Prevention: Effects of Coffee Extracts and Their Main Polyphenolic Component, 5‐O‐Caffeoylquinic Acid, on Oncogenic Ras Proteins
A Palmioli, C Ciaramelli, R Tisi, M Spinelli, G De Sanctis, E Sacco, ...
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 12 (18), 2457-2466, 2017
First experimental identification of Ras-inhibitor binding interface using a water-soluble Ras ligand
A Palmioli, E Sacco, S Abraham, CJ Thomas, A Di Domizio, L De Gioia, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 19 (15), 4217-4222, 2009
Glyco-functionalized dinuclear rhenium (i) complexes for cell imaging
A Palmioli, A Aliprandi, D Septiadi, M Mauro, A Bernardi, L De Cola, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 15 (7), 1686-1699, 2017
Selective cytotoxicity of a bicyclic Ras inhibitor in cancer cells expressing K-RasG13D
A Palmioli, E Sacco, C Airoldi, F Di Nicolantonio, A D’Urzo, S Shirasawa, ...
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 386 (4), 593-597, 2009
Metabolomic profiling of beers: Combining 1H NMR spectroscopy and chemometric approaches to discriminate craft and industrial products
A Palmioli, D Alberici, C Ciaramelli, C Airoldi
Food chemistry 327, 127025, 2020
Pharmacological inhibition of mannose-binding lectin ameliorates neurobehavioral dysfunction following experimental traumatic brain injury
D De Blasio, S Fumagalli, L Longhi, F Orsini, A Palmioli, M Stravalaci, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 37 (3), 938-950, 2017
Towards a universal approach based on omics technologies for the quality control of food
E Ferri, A Galimberti, M Casiraghi, C Airoldi, C Ciaramelli, A Palmioli, ...
BioMed research international 2015, 2015
Critical role and therapeutic control of the lectin pathway of complement activation in an abortion-prone mouse mating
M Petitbarat, P Durigutto, P Macor, R Bulla, A Palmioli, A Bernardi, ...
The Journal of Immunology 195 (12), 5602-5607, 2015
PLGA based nanoparticles for the monocyte-mediated anti-tumor drug delivery system
P Allavena, A Palmioli, R Avigni, M Sironi, B La Ferla, A Maeda
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 16 (2), 212-223, 2020
New “clickable” polymeric coating for glycan microarrays
C Zilio, A Bernardi, A Palmioli, M Salina, G Tagliabue, M Buscaglia, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 215, 412-420, 2015
Glucose-derived Ras pathway inhibitors: evidence of Ras-ligand binding and Ras-GEF (Cdc25) interaction inhibition
C Airoldi, A Palmioli, A D'Urzo, S Colombo, M Vanoni, E Martegani, F Peri
ChemBioChem 8 (12), 1376-1379, 2007
bioNMR-based identification of natural anti-Aβ compounds in Peucedanum ostruthium
A Palmioli, S Bertuzzi, A De Luigi, L Colombo, B La Ferla, M Salmona, ...
Bioorganic Chemistry 83, 76-86, 2019
Targeting bacterial biofilm: A new LecA multivalent ligand with inhibitory activity
A Palmioli, P Sperandeo, A Polissi, C Airoldi
ChemBioChem 20 (23), 2911-2915, 2019
Binding properties and biological characterization of new sugar-derived Ras ligands
E Sacco, SJ Abraham, A Palmioli, G Damore, A Bargna, E Mazzoleni, ...
MedChemComm 2 (5), 396-401, 2011
Anticancer Effects of Wild Mountain Mentha longifolia Extract in Adrenocortical Tumor Cell Models
F Patti, A Palmioli, S Vitalini, L Bertazza, M Redaelli, M Zorzan, B Rubin, ...
Frontiers in Pharmacology 10, 1647, 2020
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