francesco p. mezzapesa
francesco p. mezzapesa
Researcher, Physics Department, University of Bari "Aldo Moro", Italy
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Role of heat accumulation on the incubation effect in multi-shot laser ablation of stainless steel at high repetition rates
F Di Niso, C Gaudiuso, T Sibillano, FP Mezzapesa, A Ancona, PM Lugarà
Optics express 22 (10), 12200-12210, 2014
Intrinsic stability of quantum cascade lasers against optical feedback
FP Mezzapesa, LL Columbo, M Brambilla, M Dabbicco, S Borri, ...
Optics express 21 (11), 13748-13757, 2013
Friction properties of lubricated laser-microtextured-surfaces: an experimental study from boundary-to hydrodynamic-lubrication
M Scaraggi, FP Mezzapesa, G Carbone, A Ancona, L Tricarico
Tribology Letters 49, 117-125, 2013
Minimize friction of lubricated laser-microtextured-surfaces by tuning microholes depth
M Scaraggi, FP Mezzapesa, G Carbone, A Ancona, D Sorgente, ...
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Fully phase-stabilized quantum cascade laser frequency comb
L Consolino, M Nafa, F Cappelli, K Garrasi, FP Mezzapesa, L Li, ...
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Influence of the repetition rate and pulse duration on the incubation effect in multiple-shots ultrafast laser ablation of steel
F Di Niso, C Gaudiuso, T Sibillano, FP Mezzapesa, A Ancona, PM Lugara
Physics Procedia 41, 698-707, 2013
Perfect energy-feeding into strongly coupled systems and interferometric control of polariton absorption
S Zanotto, FP Mezzapesa, F Bianco, G Biasiol, L Baldacci, MS Vitiello, ...
Nature Physics 10 (11), 830-834, 2014
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ASL Gomes, EL Falcão Filho, CB de Araújo, D Rativa, RE De Araujo, ...
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Imaging of free carriers in semiconductors via optical feedback in terahertz quantum cascade lasers
FP Mezzapesa, LL Columbo, M Brambilla, M Dabbicco, MS Vitiello, ...
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High-resolution monitoring of the hole depth during ultrafast laser ablation drilling by diode laser self-mixing interferometry
FP Mezzapesa, A Ancona, T Sibillano, F De Lucia, M Dabbicco, ...
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Quantum cascade laser based hybrid dual comb spectrometer
L Consolino, M Nafa, M De Regis, F Cappelli, K Garrasi, FP Mezzapesa, ...
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K Garrasi, FP Mezzapesa, L Salemi, L Li, L Consolino, S Bartalini, ...
ACS Photonics 6 (1), 73-78, 2018
Synthesis and characterization of hybrid copper–chitosan nano-antimicrobials by femtosecond laser-ablation in liquids
A Ancona, MC Sportelli, A Trapani, RA Picca, C Palazzo, E Bonerba, ...
Materials Letters 136, 397-400, 2014
Origin and enhancement of the second-order non-linear optical susceptibility induced in bismuth borate glasses by thermal poling
O Deparis, FP Mezzapesa, C Corbari, PG Kazansky, K Sakaguchi
Journal of non-crystalline solids 351 (27-29), 2166-2177, 2005
Tunable and compact dispersion compensation of broadband THz quantum cascade laser frequency combs
FP Mezzapesa, V Pistore, K Garrasi, L Li, AG Davies, EH Linfield, ...
Optics Express 27 (15), 20231-20240, 2019
Closed Loop Control of Penetration Depth during CO2 Laser Lap Welding Processes
T Sibillano, D Rizzi, FP Mezzapesa, PM Lugarà, AR Konuk, R Aarts, ...
Sensors 12 (8), 11077-11090, 2012
Simultaneous measurement of multiple target displacements by self-mixing interferometry in a single laser diode
FP Mezzapesa, L Columbo, M Brambilla, M Dabbicco, A Ancona, ...
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FP Mezzapesa, I Carvalho, PG Kazansky, O Deparis, M Kawazu, ...
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FP Mezzapesa, K Garrasi, J Schmidt, L Salemi, V Pistore, L Li, AG Davies, ...
ACS photonics 7 (12), 3489-3498, 2020
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