Alessandra Marrella
Alessandra Marrella
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Engineering vascularized and innervated bone biomaterials for improved skeletal tissue regeneration
A Marrella, TY Lee, DH Lee, S Karuthedom, D Syla, A Chawla, ...
Materials Today 21 (4), 362-376, 2018
Enhanced mechanical performances and bioactivity of cell laden-graphene oxide/alginate hydrogels open new scenario for articular tissue engineering applications
A Marrella, A Lagazzo, F Barberis, T Catelani, R Quarto, S Scaglione
Carbon, 2017
Injectable shear-thinning hydrogels for delivering osteogenic and angiogenic cells and growth factors
E Alarin, TY Lee, S Karuthedom, M Mohammadi, MA Brennan, DH Lee, ...
Biomaterials science 6 (6), 1604-1615, 2018
High blood flow shear stress values are associated with circulating tumor cells cluster disaggregation in a multi-channel microfluidic device
A Marrella, A Fedi, G Varani, I Vaccari, M Fato, G Firpo, P Guida, N Aceto, ...
PLoS One 16 (1), e0245536, 2021
“Green-reduced” graphene oxide induces in vitro an enhanced biomimetic mineralization of polycaprolactone electrospun meshes
A Marrella, G Tedeschi, P Giannoni, A Lagazzo, F Sbrana, F Barberis, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 93, 1044-1053, 2018
3D porous gelatin/PVA hydrogel as meniscus substitute using alginate micro-particles as porogens
A Marrella, A Lagazzo, E Dellacasa, C Pasquini, E Finocchio, F Barberis, ...
Polymers 10 (4), 380, 2018
Cell-laden hydrogel as a clinical-relevant 3D model for analyzing neuroblastoma growth, immunophenotype, and susceptibility to therapies
A Marrella, A Dondero, M Aiello, B Casu, D Olive, S Regis, C Bottino, ...
Frontiers in immunology 10, 1876, 2019
A combined low-frequency electromagnetic and fluidic stimulation for a controlled drug release from superparamagnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: potential application for…
A Marrella, M Iafisco, A Adamiano, S Rossi, M Aiello, ...
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 15 (144), 20180236, 2018
3D fluid-dynamic ovarian cancer model resembling systemic drug administration for efficacy assay
A Marrella, G Varani, M Aiello, I Vaccari, C Vitale, M Mojzisek, C Degrassi, ...
ALTEX-Alternatives to animal experimentation 38 (1), 82-94, 2021
In vitro demonstration of intestinal absorption mechanisms of different sugars using 3D organotypic tissues in a fluidic device
A Marrella, P Buratti, J Markus, G Firpo, M Pesenti, T Landry, S Ayehunie, ...
ALTEX-Alternatives to animal experimentation 37 (2), 255-264, 2020
Biosensors to monitor cell activity in 3D hydrogel-based tissue models
A Fedi, C Vitale, P Giannoni, G Caluori, A Marrella
Sensors 22 (4), 1517, 2022
Topographical Features of Graphene-Oxide-Functionalized Substrates Modulate Cancer and Healthy Cell Adhesion Based on the Cell Tissue of Origin
A Marrella, P Giannoni, I Pulsoni, R Quarto, R Raiteri, S Scaglione
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 41978−41985, 2018
Chemical and morphological gradient scaffolds to mimic hierarchically complex tissues: From theoretical modeling to their fabrication
A Marrella, M Aiello, R Quarto, S Scaglione
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 113 (10), 2286-2297, 2016
Modeling of core-shell magneto-electric nanoparticles for biomedical applications: Effect of composition, dimension, and magnetic field features on magnetoelectric response
S Fiocchi, E Chiaramello, A Marrella, G Suarato, M Bonato, M Parazzini, ...
PloS one 17 (9), e0274676, 2022
3D perfusable hydrogel recapitulating the cancer dynamic environment to in vitro investigate metastatic colonization
C Vitale, A Fedi, A Marrella, G Varani, M Fato, S Scaglione
Polymers 12 (11), 2467, 2020
Modelling of magnetoelectric nanoparticles for non-invasive brain stimulation: a computational study
S Fiocchi, E Chiaramello, A Marrella, M Bonato, M Parazzini, P Ravazzani
Journal of Neural Engineering 19 (5), 056020, 2022
Magnetoelectric nanoparticles shape modulates their electrical output
A Marrella, G Suarato, S Fiocchi, E Chiaramello, M Bonato, M Parazzini, ...
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 11, 1219777, 2023
Magnetoelectric nanoparticles: evaluating stimulation feasibility of the possible next generation approach for deep brain stimulation
E Chiaramello, S Fiocchi, M Bonato, A Marrella, G Suarato, M Parazzini, ...
IEEE Access 10, 124884-124893, 2022
Rapid prototyping for the engineering of osteochondral tissues
A Marrella, M Cavo, S Scaglione
Regenerative Strategies for the Treatment of Knee Joint Disabilities, 163-185, 2017
rsif. royalsocietypublishing. org
A Marrella, M Iafisco, A Adamiano, S Rossi, M Aiello, ...
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