Silvia Matesanz
Silvia Matesanz
Ramón y Cajal Researcher (URJC)
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Biodiversity differences between managed and unmanaged forests: Meta‐analysis of species richness in Europe
Y Paillet, L Bergčs, J Hjältén, P Ódor, C Avon, M Bernhardt‐Römermann, ...
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F Valladares, S Matesanz, F Guilhaumon, MB Araújo, L Balaguer, ...
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Global change and the evolution of phenotypic plasticity in plants
S Matesanz, E Gianoli
Do we underestimate the importance of leaf size in plant economics? Disproportional scaling of support costs within the spectrum of leaf physiognomy
Ü Niinemets, A Portsmuth, D Tena, M Tobias, S Matesanz, F Valladares
Annals of Botany 100 (2), 283-303, 2007
Ecological and evolutionary responses of Mediterranean plants to global change
S Matesanz, F Valladares
Environmental and Experimental botany 103, 53-67, 2014
Is shade beneficial for Mediterranean shrubs experiencing periods of extreme drought and late-winter frosts?
F Valladares, J Zaragoza-Castells, D Sánchez-Gómez, S Matesanz, ...
Annals of Botany 102 (6), 923-933, 2008
Early dynamics of plant communities on revegetated motorway slopes from southern Spain: is hydroseeding always needed?
S Matesanz, F Valladares, D Tena, M Costa‐Tenorio, D Bote
Restoration Ecology 14 (2), 297-307, 2006
Environmental heterogeneity leads to higher plasticity in dry‐edge populations of a semi‐arid Chilean shrub: insights into climate change responses
A Lázaro‐Nogal, S Matesanz, A Godoy, F Pérez‐Trautman, E Gianoli, ...
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Impact of three global change drivers on a Mediterranean shrub
S Matesanz, A Escudero, F Valladares
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Phenotypic plasticity and population differentiation in an ongoing species invasion
S Matesanz, T Horgan-Kobelski, SE Sultan
Public Library of Science 7 (9), e44955, 2012
Climate‐dependent variations in leaf respiration in a dry‐land, low productivity Mediterranean forest: the importance of acclimation in both high‐light and shaded habitats
J Zaragoza‐Castells, D Sánchez‐Gómez, IP Hartley, S Matesanz, ...
Functional Ecology 22 (1), 172-184, 2008
Competition may explain the fine‐scale spatial patterns and genetic structure of two co‐occurring plant congeners
S Matesanz, TE Gimeno, M de la Cruz, A Escudero, F Valladares
Journal of Ecology 99 (3), 838-848, 2011
Cross-realm assessment of climate change impacts on species’ abundance trends
DE Bowler, C Hof, P Haase, I Kröncke, O Schweiger, R Adrian, L Baert, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 1 (3), 1-7, 2017
Improving revegetation of gypsum slopes is not a simple matter of adding native species: Insights from a multispecies experiment
S Matesanz, F Valladares
ecological engineering 30 (1), 67-77, 2007
A cross-taxon analysis of the impact of climate change on abundance trends in central Europe
DE Bowler, P Haase, I Kröncke, O Tackenberg, HG Bauer, C Brendel, ...
Biological Conservation 187, 41-50, 2015
Functional traits and phylogeny: What is the main ecological process determining species assemblage in roadside plant communities?
F Valladares, D Tena, S Matesanz, E Bochet, L Balaguer, ...
Journal of Vegetation Science 19 (3), 381-392, 2008
Transgenerational effects of three global change drivers on an endemic Mediterranean plant
B Pías, S Matesanz, A Herrero, TE Gimeno, A Escudero, F Valladares
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Additive effects of a potentially invasive grass and water stress on the performance of seedlings of gypsum specialists
S Matesanz, A Escudero, F Valladares
Applied Vegetation Science 11 (3), 287-296, 2008
Temporal dynamics of marginal steppic vegetation over a 26‐year period of substantial environmental change
S Matesanz, RW Brooker, F Valladares, S Klotz
Journal of Vegetation Science 20 (2), 299-310, 2009
Does higher connectivity lead to higher genetic diversity? Effects of habitat fragmentation on genetic variation and population structure in a gypsophile
A Gómez-Fernández, I Alcocer, S Matesanz
Conservation Genetics 17 (3), 631-641, 2016
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