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Stepwise assembly of amphiphilic ruthenium sensitizers and their applications in dye-sensitized solar cell
MK Nazeeruddin, SM Zakeeruddin, JJ Lagref, P Liska, P Comte, C Barolo, ...
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 248 (13-14), 1317-1328, 2004
Aqueous dye-sensitized solar cells
F Bella, C Gerbaldi, C Barolo, M Grätzel
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (11), 3431-3473, 2015
Design, Synthesis, and Application of Amphiphilic Ruthenium Polypyridyl Photosensitizers in Solar Cells Based on Nanocrystalline TiO2 Films
SM Zakeeruddin, MK Nazeeruddin, R Humphry-Baker, P Pechy, ...
Langmuir 18 (3), 952-954, 2002
Synthesis, characterization, and DFT-TDDFT computational study of a ruthenium complex containing a functionalized tetradentate ligand
C Barolo, MK Nazeeruddin, S Fantacci, D Di Censo, P Comte, P Liska, ...
Inorganic chemistry 45 (12), 4642-4653, 2006
Synthesis and surface and antimicrobial properties of novel cationic surfactants
G Viscardi, P Quagliotto, C Barolo, P Savarino, E Barni, E Fisicaro
The Journal of organic chemistry 65 (24), 8197-8203, 2000
A study of the interaction between fluorescein sodium salt and bovine serum albumin by steady-state fluorescence
N Barbero, E Barni, C Barolo, P Quagliotto, G Viscardi, L Napione, ...
Dyes and pigments 80 (3), 307-313, 2009
Gemini Pyridinium Surfactants:  Synthesis and Conductometric Study of a Novel Class of Amphiphiles1
P Quagliotto, G Viscardi, C Barolo, E Barni, S Bellinvia, E Fisicaro, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 68 (20), 7651-7660, 2003
A mass spectrometric analysis of sensitizer solution used for dye-sensitized solar cell
R Buscaino, C Baiocchi, C Barolo, C Medana, M Grätzel, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 361 (3), 798-805, 2008
Sublimation not an innocent technique: A case of bis-cyclometalated iridium emitter for OLED
E Baranoff, S Suarez, P Bugnon, C Barolo, R Buscaino, R Scopelliti, ...
Inorganic chemistry 47 (15), 6575-6577, 2008
Electron-rich heteroaromatic conjugated bipyridine based ruthenium sensitizer for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
A Abbotto, C Barolo, L Bellotto, F De Angelis, M Grätzel, N Manfredi, ...
Chemical communications, 5318-5320, 2008
Determination of banned Sudan dyes in food samples by molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction‐high performance liquid chromatography
C Baggiani, L Anfossi, P Baravalle, C Giovannoli, G Giraudi, C Barolo, ...
Journal of separation science 32 (19), 3292-3300, 2009
Properties of novel azodyes containing powerful acceptor groups and thiophene moiety
I Ledoux, J Zyss, E Barni, C Barolo, N Diulgheroff, P Quagliotto, G Viscardi
Synthetic Metals 115 (1-3), 213-217, 2000
Approaching truly sustainable solar cells by the use of water and cellulose derivatives
F Bella, S Galliano, M Falco, G Viscardi, C Barolo, M Grätzel, C Gerbaldi
Green Chemistry 19 (4), 1043-1051, 2017
Symmetric vs. asymmetric squaraines as photosensitisers in mesoscopic injection solar cells: a structure–property relationship study
J Park, C Barolo, F Sauvage, N Barbero, C Benzi, P Quagliotto, ...
Chemical Communications 48 (22), 2782-2784, 2012
Unveiling iodine-based electrolytes chemistry in aqueous dye-sensitized solar cells
F Bella, S Galliano, M Falco, G Viscardi, C Barolo, M Grätzel, C Gerbaldi
Chemical science 7 (8), 4880-4890, 2016
Solvent effect on indocyanine dyes: a computational approach
CA Bertolino, AM Ferrari, C Barolo, G Viscardi, G Caputo, S Coluccia
Chemical physics 330 (1-2), 52-59, 2006
Photoanode/electrolyte interface stability in aqueous dye‐sensitized solar cells
S Galliano, F Bella, C Gerbaldi, M Falco, G Viscardi, M Grätzel, C Barolo
Energy Technology 5 (2), 300-311, 2017
Enhancing the efficiency of a dye sensitized solar cell due to the energy transfer between CdSe quantum dots and a designed squaraine dye
L Etgar, J Park, C Barolo, V Lesnyak, SK Panda, P Quagliotto, SG Hickey, ...
RSC advances 2 (7), 2748-2752, 2012
A UV-crosslinked polymer electrolyte membrane for quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells with excellent efficiency and durability
F Bella, D Pugliese, JR Nair, A Sacco, S Bianco, C Gerbaldi, C Barolo, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (11), 3706-3711, 2013
Origin of a counterintuitive yellow light-emitting electrochemical cell based on a blue-emitting heteroleptic copper (I) complex
MD Weber, C Garino, G Volpi, E Casamassa, M Milanesio, C Barolo, ...
Dalton Transactions 45 (21), 8984-8993, 2016
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