Carlos M Guardia
Carlos M Guardia
Postdoctoral Fellow, NICHD/NIH, Bethesda (MD), USA
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When galectins recognize glycans: from biochemistry to physiology and back again
S Di Lella, V Sundblad, JP Cerliani, CM Guardia, DA Estrin, GR Vasta, ...
Biochemistry 50 (37), 7842-7857, 2011
Mechanisms and functions of lysosome positioning
J Pu, CM Guardia, T Keren-Kaplan, JS Bonifacino
Journal of cell science 129 (23), 4329-4339, 2016
BORC functions upstream of kinesins 1 and 3 to coordinate regional movement of lysosomes along different microtubule tracks
CM Guardia, GG Farías, R Jia, J Pu, JS Bonifacino
Cell reports 17 (8), 1950-1961, 2016
Sorting of dendritic and axonal vesicles at the pre-axonal exclusion zone
GG Farías, CM Guardia, DJ Britt, X Guo, JS Bonifacino
Cell reports 13 (6), 1221-1232, 2015
BORC/kinesin-1 ensemble drives polarized transport of lysosomes into the axon
GG Farías, CM Guardia, R De Pace, DJ Britt, JS Bonifacino
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (14), E2955-E2964, 2017
Carbohydrate-binding proteins: Dissecting ligand structures through solvent environment occupancy
DF Gauto, S Di Lella, CMA Guardia, DA Estrin, MA Marti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (25), 8717-8724, 2009
AP-4 mediates export of ATG9A from the trans-Golgi network to promote autophagosome formation
R Mattera, SY Park, R De Pace, CM Guardia, JS Bonifacino
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (50), E10697-E10706, 2017
BORC coordinates encounter and fusion of lysosomes with autophagosomes
R Jia, CM Guardia, J Pu, Y Chen, JS Bonifacino
Autophagy 13 (10), 1648-1663, 2017
Structural basis of redox-dependent modulation of galectin-1 dynamics and function
CM Guardia, JJ Caramelo, M Trujillo, SP Méndez-Huergo, R Radi, ...
Glycobiology 24 (5), 428-441, 2014
An integrated computational analysis of the structure, dynamics, and ligand binding interactions of the human galectin network
CMA Guardia, DF Gauto, S Di Lella, GA Rabinovich, MA Martí, DA Estrin
Journal of chemical information and modeling 51 (8), 1918-1930, 2011
Mechanisms of polarized organelle distribution in neurons
DJ Britt, GG Farías, CM Guardia, JS Bonifacino
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 10, 88, 2016
Bivalent motif-ear interactions mediate the association of the accessory protein tepsin with the AP-4 adaptor complex
R Mattera, CM Guardia, SS Sidhu, JS Bonifacino
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (52), 30736-30749, 2015
Thiol redox biochemistry: insights from computer simulations
A Zeida, CM Guardia, P Lichtig, LL Perissinotti, LA Defelipe, A Turjanski, ...
Biophysical reviews 6 (1), 27-46, 2014
Neuronal functions of adaptor complexes involved in protein sorting
CM Guardia, R De Pace, R Mattera, JS Bonifacino
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 51, 103-110, 2018
Linking the structure and thermal stability of β-galactoside-binding protein galectin-1 to ligand binding and dimerization equilibria
S Di Lella, MA Martí, DO Croci, CMA Guardia, JC Díaz-Ricci, ...
Biochemistry 49 (35), 7652-7658, 2010
A family of PIKFYVE inhibitors with therapeutic potential against autophagy-dependent cancer cells disrupt multiple events in lysosome homeostasis
G Sharma, CM Guardia, A Roy, A Vassilev, A Saric, LN Griner, J Marugan, ...
Autophagy 15 (10), 1694-1718, 2019
QM–MM investigation of the reaction products between nitroxyl and O2 in aqueous solution
CMA Guardia, MCG Lebrero, SE Bari, DA Estrin
Chemical Physics Letters 463 (1-3), 112-116, 2008
Reversible association with motor proteins (RAMP): A streptavidin-based method to manipulate organelle positioning
CM Guardia, R De Pace, A Sen, A Saric, M Jarnik, DA Kolin, A Kunwar, ...
PLoS biology 17 (5), e3000279, 2019
Del átomo a la célula: determinantes moleculares que definen la función de galectinas humanas
C Guardia
Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, 2014
Thiol redox biochemistry: Insights from computer simulations
AF Zeida Camacho, CMA Guardia, P Lichtig, LL Perissinotti, LA Defelipe, ...
Springer, 2014
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