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From direct to inverse giant magnetocaloric effect in Co-doped NiMnGa multifunctional alloys
S Fabbrici, J Kamarad, Z Arnold, F Casoli, A Paoluzi, F Bolzoni, ...
Acta materialia 59 (1), 412-419, 2011
Strong coercivity reduction in perpendicular bilayers due to hard/soft coupling
F Casoli, F Albertini, L Nasi, S Fabbrici, R Cabassi, F Bolzoni, C Bocchi
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E Montanari, G Calestani, A Migliori, M Dapiaggi, F Bolzoni, R Cabassi, ...
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Reverse magnetostructural transformation in Co-doped NiMnGa multifunctional alloys
S Fabbrici, F Albertini, A Paoluzi, F Bolzoni, R Cabassi, M Solzi, L Righi, ...
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A Prodi, E Gilioli, R Cabassi, F Bolzoni, F Licci, Q Huang, JW Lynn, ...
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Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic
F Mezzadri, G Calestani, M Calicchio, E Gilioli, F Bolzoni, R Cabassi, ...
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Co and In doped Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys: a thorough structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric study
S Fabbrici, G Porcari, F Cugini, M Solzi, J Kamarad, Z Arnold, R Cabassi, ...
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Critical exponents and amplitudes of the ferromagnetic transition in
R Cabassi, F Bolzoni, A Gauzzi, F Licci
Physical Review B 74 (18), 184425, 2006
Achieving Giant Magnetically Induced Reorientation of Martensitic Variants in Magnetic Shape‐Memory Ni–Mn–Ga Films by Microstructure Engineering
P Ranzieri, M Campanini, S Fabbrici, L Nasi, F Casoli, R Cabassi, ...
Advanced Materials 27 (32), 4760-4766, 2015
Role of interface morphology in the exchange-spring behavior of FePt/Fe perpendicular bilayers
F Casoli, F Albertini, L Nasi, S Fabbrici, R Cabassi, F Bolzoni, C Bocchi, ...
Acta materialia 58 (10), 3594-3601, 2010
Structure and permanent magnet properties of Zr1-xRxFe10Si2 alloys with R= Y, La, Ce, Pr and Sm
AM Gabay, R Cabassi, S Fabbrici, F Albertini, GC Hadjipanayis
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F Mezzadri, M Calicchio, E Gilioli, R Cabassi, F Bolzoni, G Calestani, ...
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Dielectric properties of doping-free : Origin of the observed colossal dielectric constant
R Cabassi, F Bolzoni, A Gauzzi, E Gilioli, A Prodi, F Licci
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Effect of Pt substitution on the magnetocrystalline anisotropy of : A competition between chemistry and elasticity
L Caron, B Dutta, P Devi, MG Zavareh, T Hickel, R Cabassi, F Bolzoni, ...
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Review of singular point detection techniques
F Bolzoni, R Cabassi
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Comparison of magnetic methods for the determination of texture of permanent magnets
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Martensite-enabled magnetic flexibility: The effects of post-growth treatments in magnetic-shape-memory Heusler thin films
MT Ghahfarokhi, F Casoli, S Fabbrici, L Nasi, F Celegato, R Cabassi, ...
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Poling-Written Ferroelectricity in Bulk Multiferroic Double-Perovskite BiFe0.5Mn0.5O3
D Delmonte, F Mezzadri, E Gilioli, M Solzi, G Calestani, F Bolzoni, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 55 (12), 6308-6314, 2016
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