Davide Bonifazi
Davide Bonifazi
Institute of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna
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Functionalized carbon nanotubes are non-cytotoxic and preserve the functionality of primary immune cells
H Dumortier, S Lacotte, G Pastorin, R Marega, W Wu, D Bonifazi, ...
Nano letters 6 (7), 1522-1528, 2006
Organic functionalisation and characterisation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
P Singh, S Campidelli, S Giordani, D Bonifazi, A Bianco, M Prato
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D Bonifazi, O Enger, F Diederich
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D Bonifazi, S Mohnani, A Llanes‐Pallas
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CNT− CdTe versatile donor− acceptor nanohybrids
DM Guldi, GMA Rahman, V Sgobba, NA Kotov, D Bonifazi, M Prato
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Hierarchised luminescent organic architectures: design, synthesis, self-assembly, self-organisation and functions
L Maggini, D Bonifazi
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A Two‐Dimensional Porphyrin‐Based Porous Network Featuring Communicating Cavities for the Templated Complexation of Fullerenes
H Spillmann, A Kiebele, M Stöhr, TA Jung, D Bonifazi, F Cheng, ...
Advanced materials 18 (3), 275-279, 2006
Supramolecular patterned surfaces driven by cooperative assembly of C60 and porphyrins on metal substrates
D Bonifazi, H Spillmann, A Kiebele, M De Wild, P Seiler, F Cheng, ...
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S Mohnani, D Bonifazi
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Chalcogen-bond driven molecular recognition at work
N Biot, D Bonifazi
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 413, 213243, 2020
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D Heim, D Ecija, K Seufert, W Auwarter, C Aurisicchio, C Fabbro, ...
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Tailoring bicomponent supramolecular nanoporous networks: phase segregation, polymorphism, and glasses at the solid− liquid interface
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (36), 13062-13071, 2009
Exceptional redox and photophysical properties of a triply fused diporphyrin-C60 conjugate: Novel scaffolds for multicharge storage in molecular scale electronics
D Bonifazi, M Scholl, F Song, L Echegoyen, G Accorsi, N Armaroli, ...
Angewandte Chemie. International edition 42 (40), 4966-4970, 2003
A supramolecular multiposition rotary device
N Wintjes, D Bonifazi, F Cheng, A Kiebele, M Stöhr, T Jung, H Spillmann, ...
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed 46, 4089-4092, 2007
Supramolecular nanostructuring of silver surfaces via self‐assembly of [60] fullerene and porphyrin modules
D Bonifazi, A Kiebele, M Stöhr, F Cheng, T Jung, F Diederich, ...
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Engineering of supramolecular H-bonded nanopolygons via self-assembly of programmed molecular modules
A Llanes-Pallas, CA Palma, L Piot, A Belbakra, A Listorti, M Prato, ...
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Supramolecular Wiring of Benzo‐1, 3‐chalcogenazoles through Programmed Chalcogen Bonding Interactions
A Kremer, A Fermi, N Biot, J Wouters, D Bonifazi
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (16), 5665-5675, 2016
Antibody‐functionalized nanoparticles for imaging cancer: influence of conjugation to gold nanoparticles on the biodistribution of 89Zr‐labeled cetuximab in mice
L Karmani, D Labar, V Valembois, V Bouchat, PG Nagaswaran, A Bol, ...
Contrast media & molecular imaging 8 (5), 402-408, 2013
Microscopic and spectroscopic characterization of paintbrush-like single-walled carbon nanotubes
D Bonifazi, C Nacci, R Marega, S Campidelli, G Ceballos, S Modesti, ...
Nano letters 6 (7), 1408-1414, 2006
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