Anatoly Kamchatnov
Anatoly Kamchatnov
Theoretical Department, Institute of Spectroscopy RAS
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Nonlinear periodic waves and their modulations: an introductory course
AM Kamchatnov
Nonlinear Periodic Waves and their Modulations: An Introductory Courseá…, 2000
Dynamics of bright matter wave solitons in a Bose–Einstein condensate
F Kh. ABDULLAEV, A Gammal, AM Kamchatnov, L Tomio
International Journal of Modern Physics B 19 (22), 3415-3473, 2005
Adiabatic dynamics of periodic waves in Bose-Einstein condensates with time dependent atomic scattering length
FK Abdullaev, AM Kamchatnov, VV Konotop, VA Brazhnyi
Physical review letters 90 (23), 230402, 2003
Oblique dark solitons in supersonic flow of a Bose-Einstein condensate
GA El, A Gammal, AM Kamchatnov
Physical review letters 97 (18), 180405, 2006
Dissipationless shock waves in Bose-Einstein condensates with repulsive interaction between atoms
AM Kamchatnov, A Gammal, RA Kraenkel
Physical Review A 69 (6), 063605, 2004
Kinetic equation for a dense soliton gas
GA El, AM Kamchatnov
Physical review letters 95 (20), 204101, 2005
Stabilization of solitons generated by a supersonic flow of Bose-Einstein condensate past an obstacle
AM Kamchatnov, LP Pitaevskii
Physical review letters 100 (16), 160402, 2008
Asymptotic soliton train solutions of the defocusing nonlinear Schr÷dinger equation
AM Kamchatnov, RA Kraenkel, BA Umarov
Physical Review E 66 (3), 036609, 2002
New approach to periodic solutions of integrable equations and nonlinear theory of modulational instability
AM Kamchatnov
Physics Reports 286 (4), 199-270, 1997
Undular bore theory for the Gardner equation
AM Kamchatnov, YH Kuo, TC Lin, TL Horng, SC Gou, R Clift, GA El, ...
Physical Review E 86 (3), 036605, 2012
Theory of optical dispersive shock waves in photorefractive media
GA El, A Gammal, EG Khamis, RA Kraenkel, AM Kamchatnov
Physical Review A 76 (5), 053813, 2007
Evolution of solitary waves and undular bores in shallow-water flows over a gradual slope with bottom friction
GA El, RHJ Grimshaw, AM Kamchatnov
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 585, 213-244, 2007
Topological solitons in magnetohydrodynamics
AM Kamchatnov
Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz 82, 117-124, 1982
Radiation of linear waves in the stationary flow of a Bose-Einstein condensate past an obstacle
YG Gladush, GA El, A Gammal, AM Kamchatnov
Physical Review A 75 (3), 033619, 2007
Dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates in cigar-shaped traps
AM Kamchatnov, VS Shchesnovich
Physical Review A 70 (2), 023604, 2004
Spatial dispersive shock waves generated in supersonic flow of Bose–Einstein condensate past slender body
GA El, AM Kamchatnov
Physics Letters A 350 (3-4), 192-196, 2006
Transcritical flow of a Bose-Einstein condensate through a penetrable barrier
AM Leszczyszyn, GA El, YG Gladush, AM Kamchatnov
Physical Review A 79 (6), 063608, 2009
Kinetic equation for a soliton gas and its hydrodynamic reductions
GA El, AM Kamchatnov, MV Pavlov, SA Zykov
Journal of Nonlinear Science 21 (2), 151-191, 2011
On Whitham theory for perturbed integrable equations
AM Kamchatnov
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 188 (3-4), 247-261, 2004
Nonlinear diffraction of light beams propagating in photorefractive media with embedded reflecting wire
EG Khamis, A Gammal, GA El, YG Gladush, AM Kamchatnov
Physical Review A 78 (1), 013829, 2008
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