Javier Gonzalez-Platas
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EosFit7c and a Fortran module (library) for equation of state calculations
RJ Angel, M Alvaro, J Gonzalez-Platas
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A diversity-oriented strategy for the construction of tetrasubstituted pyrroles via coupled domino processes
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EosFit7-GUI: a new graphical user interface for equation of state calculations, analyses and teaching
J Gonzalez-Platas, M Alvaro, F Nestola, R Angel
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Curcubituril as a new Macrocyclic ligand for complexation of Lanthanide cations in aqueous solutions
DG Samsonenko, J Lipkowski, OA Gerasko, AV Virovets, MN Sokolov, ...
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Endohedral and exohedral adsorption in C60: An analytical model
J Breton, J Gonzalez‐Platas, C Girardet
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High-pressure x-ray diffraction study of YBO3/Eu3+, GdBO3, and EuBO3: Pressure-induced amorphization in GdBO3
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Stimulated and upconverted emissions of Nd3+ in a transparent oxyfluoride glass-ceramic
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Crystal structure and magnetic properties of the single-μ-chloro copper (II) chain [Cu (bipy) Cl2](bipy= 2, 2′-bipyridine)
M Hernández-Molina, J González-Platas, C Ruiz-Pérez, F Lloret, M Julve
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New Lanostanoids from the Fungus Ganoderma cincinnati
AG González, F León, A Rivera, JI Padrón, J González-Plata, JC Zuluaga, ...
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Optical intensities of Pr3+ ions in transparent oxyfluoride glass and glass–ceramic. Applications of the standard and modified Judd–Ofelt theories
RT Génova, IR Martın, UR Rodrıguez-Mendoza, F Lahoz, ...
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Alkynoates as a source of reactive alkylinides for aldehyde addition reactions
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ABSORB-7 and ABSORB-GUI for single-crystal absorption corrections
R Angel, J Gonzalez-Platas
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Endohedral adsorption in graphitic nanotubules
J Breton, J Gonzalez‐Platas, C Girardet
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Complexes of Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) with lapachol
R Hernández-Molina, I Kalinina, P Esparza, M Sokolov, ...
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Optical properties of Er3+-doped strontium barium niobate nanocrystals obtained by thermal treatment in glass
P Haro-González, F Lahoz, J González-Platas, JM Cáceres, ...
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Synthesis, Reactivity, and Kinetics of Substitution in W3PdSe4 Cuboidal Clusters. A Reexamination of the Kinetics of Substitution of the Related W3S4 Cluster …
AG Algarra, MN Sokolov, J González-Platas, MJ Fernández-Trujillo, ...
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From Conjugated Tertiary Skipped Diynes to Chain‐Functionalized Tetrasubstituted Pyrroles
D Tejedor, S Lopez‐Tosco, J González‐Platas, F García‐Tellado
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Sesquiterpenoids from Pulicaria c anariensis and Their Cytotoxic Activities
J Triana, M López, FJ Pérez, J González-Platas, J Quintana, F Estévez, ...
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The ab initio crystal structure solution of proteins by direct methods. VI. Complete phasing up to derivative resolution
C Giacovazzo, D Siliqi, J Gonzalez Platas, HJ Hecht, G Zanotti, B York
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Metal-Free Access to Fully Substituted Skipped Diynes. An Efficient Chemodifferentiating A2BB‘ 4CR Manifold
D Tejedor, S López-Tosco, J González-Platas, F Garcia-Tellado
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (14), 5454-5456, 2007
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