Santanu Kumar Bhowmik
Santanu Kumar Bhowmik
Professor of Department of Geology & Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
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Petrotectonic imprints in the sapphirine granulites from Anantagiri, Eastern Ghats mobile belt, India
P Sengupta, S Dasgupta, PK Bhattacharya, M Fukuoka, S Chakraborti, ...
Journal of Petrology 31, 971-996, 1990
Growth of the Greater Indian Landmass and its assembly in Rodinia: geochronological evidence from the Central Indian Tectonic Zone
SK Bhowmik, SA Wilde, A Bhandari, T Pal, NC Pant
Gondwana Research 22 (1), 54-72, 2012
Grenvillian age high-pressure upper amphibolite-granulite metamorphism in the Aravalli-Delhi Mobile Belt, Northwestern India: New evidence from monazite chemical age and itsá…
SK Bhowmik, HJ Bernhardt, S Dasgupta
Precambrian Research 178 (1-4), 168-184, 2010
Mesoproterozoic reworking of Palaeoproterozoic ultrahigh-temperature granulites in the Central Indian Tectonic Zone and its implications
SK Bhowmik, AB Sarbadhikari, B Spiering, MM Raith
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Evidence for Pre-Grenvillian high-pressure granulite metamorphism from the northern margin of the Sausar mobile belt in Central India
SK Bhowmik, T Pal, A Roy, NC Pant
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Zoned monazite and zircon as monitors for the thermal history of granulite terranes: an example from the Central Indian Tectonic Zone
SK Bhowmik, SA Wilde, A Bhandari, A Basu Sarbadhikari
Journal of Petrology 55 (3), 585-621, 2014
∼ 1.6 Ga ultrahigh‐temperature granulite metamorphism in the Central Indian Tectonic Zone: insights from metamorphic reaction history, geothermobarometry and monazite chemicalá…
A Bhandari, N Chandra Pant, SK Bhowmik, S Goswami
Geological Journal 46 (2‐3), 198-216, 2011
Garnetiferous Metabasites from the Sausar Mobile Belt: Petrology, PT Path and Implications for the Tectonothermal Evolution of the Central Indian Tectonic Zone
Journal of Petrology 44 (3), 387-420, 2003
Zircon U‐Pb/Lu‐Hf and monazite chemical dating of the Tirodi biotite gneiss: implication for latest Palaeoproterozoic to Early Mesoproterozoic orogenesis in the Central Indianá…
SK Bhowmik, SA Wilde, A Bhandari
Geological Journal 46 (6), 574-596, 2011
Extremely high-temperature calcareous granulites from the Eastern Ghats, India; evidence for isobaric cooling, fluid buffering, and terminal channelized fluid flow
SK Bhowmik, S Dasgupta, S Hoernes, PK Bhattacharya
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Tectonothermal evolution of the Banded Gneissic Complex in central Rajasthan, NW India: Present status and correlation
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Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 49, 339-348, 2012
Contrasting episodes of regional granulite-facies metamorphism in enclaves and host gneisses from the Aravalli–Delhi mobile belt, NW India
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Journal of Petrology 49 (1), 107-128, 2008
Constraining the metamorphic evolution of a cryptic hot Mesoproterozoic orogen in the Central Indian Tectonic Zone, using P–T pseudosection modelling of mafic intrusions andá…
AB Sarbadhikari, SK Bhowmik
Precambrian Research 162 (1-2), 128-149, 2008
Multicomponent diffusion in garnets I: general theoretical considerations and experimental data for Fe–Mg systems
SA Borinski, U Hoppe, S Chakraborty, J Ganguly, SK Bhowmik
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Petrology of a non-classical Barrovian inverted metamorphic sequence from the western Arunachal Himalaya, India
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The Eastern Ghats Belt, India, in the context of supercontinent assembly
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Archaean granulite facies metamorphism at the Singhbhum Craton–Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt interface: implication for the Ur supercontinent assembly
SN Mahapatro, NC Pant, SK Bhowmik, AK Tripathy, JK Nanda
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Constraining the prograde and retrograde PT paths of granulites using decomposition of initially zoned garnets: an example from the Central Indian Tectonic Zone
SK Bhowmik, B Spiering
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Cold subduction of the Neotethys: the metamorphic record from finely banded lawsonite and epidote blueschists and associated metabasalts of the Nagaland Ophiolite Complex, India
A Ao, SK Bhowmik
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 32 (8), 829-860, 2014
The current status of orogenesis in the Central Indian Tectonic Zone: A view from its Southern Margin
SK Bhowmik
Geological Journal 54 (5), 2912-2934, 2019
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