Daniel B. Quinn
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Scaling the propulsive performance of heaving flexible panels
DB Quinn, GV Lauder, AJ Smits
Journal of fluid mechanics 738, 250-267, 2014
Maximizing the efficiency of a flexible propulsor using experimental optimization
DB Quinn, GV Lauder, AJ Smits
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 767, 430-448, 2015
Unsteady propulsion near a solid boundary
DB Quinn, KW Moored, PA Dewey, AJ Smits
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 742, 152-170, 2014
Flexible propulsors in ground effect
DB Quinn, GV Lauder, AJ Smits
Bioinspiration & biomimetics 9 (3), 036008, 2014
Propulsive performance of unsteady tandem hydrofoils in a side-by-side configuration
PA Dewey, DB Quinn, BM Boschitsch, AJ Smits
Physics of Fluids (1994-present) 26 (4), 041903, 2014
Analytical model for the deformation of a fluid–fluid interface beneath an AFM probe
DB Quinn, J Feng, HA Stone
Langmuir 29 (5), 1427-1434, 2013
Inviscid scaling laws of a self-propelled pitching airfoil
KW Moored, DB Quinn
AIAA Journal 57 (9), 3686-3700, 2019
Lift calculations based on accepted wake models for animal flight are inconsistent and sensitive to vortex dynamics
E Gutierrez, DB Quinn, DD Chin, D Lentink
Bioinspiration & biomimetics 12 (1), 016004, 2016
Nonsinusoidal gaits for unsteady propulsion
T Van Buren, D Floryan, D Quinn, AJ Smits
Physical Review Fluids 2 (5), 053101, 2017
Scaling laws for the propulsive performance of three-dimensional pitching propulsors
F Ayancik, Q Zhong, DB Quinn, A Brandes, H Bart-Smith, KW Moored
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 871, 1117-1138, 2019
A new low-turbulence wind tunnel for animal and small vehicle flight experiments
DB Quinn, A Watts, T Nagle, D Lentink
Royal Society open science 4 (3), 160960, 2017
Rectangular panels undergoing pitch oscillation in ground effect
DB Quinn, AJ Smits
The 1000 Island Fluids Meeting, 2012
Swimming freely near the ground leads to flow-mediated equilibrium altitudes
M Kurt, J Cochran-Carney, Q Zhong, A Mivehchi, DB Quinn, KW Moored
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 875, 2019
Computational study of fish-shaped panel with simultaneously heaving and bending motion
R Zhu, J Wang, H Dong, D Quinn, H Bart-Smith, V Di Santo, D Wainwright, ...
AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum, 1655, 2019
How birds can negate gusts and maintain heading by crabbing into the wind passively
D Quinn, D Kress, A Stein, M Wegrzynski, L Hamzah, D Lentink
APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting Abstracts, 2017
Pseudo-invariants causing inverse energy cascades in three-dimensional turbulence
NM Rathmann, PD Ditlevsen
arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.03879, 2016
Optimizing the efficiency of batoid-inspired swimming
DB Quinn
Princeton University, 2015
How dorsal fin sharpness affects swimming speed and economy
Q Zhong, H Dong, DB Quinn
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 878, 370-385, 2019
How lovebirds maneuver through lateral gusts with minimal visual information
D Quinn, D Kress, E Chang, A Stein, M Wegrzynski, D Lentink
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (30), 15033-15041, 2019
Exploiting Ground and Ceiling Effects on Autonomous UAV Motion Planning
S Gao, C Di Franco, D Carter, D Quinn, N Bezzo
2019 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), 768-777, 2019
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