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Dr. Sivanesan Arumugam
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Nanostructured silver–gold bimetallic SERS substrates for selective identification of bacteria in human blood
A Sivanesan, E Witkowska, W Adamkiewicz, Ł Dziewit, A Kamińska, ...
Analyst 139 (5), 1037-1043, 2014
Electrocatalytic oxidation of ascorbic acid using a single layer of gold nanoparticles immobilized on 1, 6-hexanedithiol modified gold electrode
A Sivanesan, P Kannan, SA John
Electrochimica Acta 52 (28), 8118-8124, 2007
Determination of l-dopa using electropolymerized 3, 3′, 3 ″, 3‴-tetraaminophthalocyanatonickel (II) film on glassy carbon electrode
A Sivanesan, SA John
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 23 (5), 708-713, 2007
Rapid detection of TNT in aqueous media by selective label free surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
AKM Jamil, EL Izake, A Sivanesan, PM Fredericks
Talanta 134, 732-738, 2015
Functionalized Ag nanoparticles with tunable optical properties for selective protein analysis
A Sivanesan, HK Ly, J Kozuch, M Sezer, U Kuhlmann, A Fischer, ...
Chemical communications 47 (12), 3553-3555, 2011
Amino group position dependent orientation of self-assembled monomolecular films of tetraaminophthalocyanatocobalt (II) on Au surfaces
A Sivanesan, SA John
Langmuir 24 (5), 2186-2190, 2008
Potential‐Dependent Surface‐Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy at Nanostructured TiO2: A Case Study on Cytochrome b5
XX Han, C Köhler, J Kozuch, U Kuhlmann, L Paasche, A Sivanesan, ...
small 9 (24), 4175-4181, 2013
Amino group positions dependent morphology and coverage of electropolymerized metallophthalocyanine (M= Ni and Co) films on electrode surfaces
A Sivanesan, SA John
Electrochimica acta 53 (22), 6629-6635, 2008
Electrochemical current rectification–a novel signal amplification strategy for highly sensitive and selective aptamer-based biosensor
L Feng, A Sivanesan, Z Lyu, A Offenhäusser, D Mayer
Biosensors and bioelectronics 66, 62-68, 2015
Reproducible and label-free biosensor for the selective extraction and rapid detection of proteins in biological fluids
A Sivanesan, EL Izake, R Agoston, GA Ayoko, M Sillence
Journal of nanobiotechnology 13 (1), 43, 2015
Complementary surface-enhanced resonance raman spectroscopic biodetection of mixed protein solutions by chitosan-and silica-coated plasmon-tuned silver nanoparticles
A Sivanesan, G Kalaivani, A Fischer, K Stiba, S Leimkühler, ...
Analytical chemistry 84 (13), 5759-5764, 2012
Rapid isolation and detection of erythropoietin in blood plasma by magnetic core gold nanoparticles and portable Raman spectroscopy
R Agoston, EL Izake, A Sivanesan, WB Lott, M Sillence, R Steel
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 12 (3), 633-641, 2016
A homogeneous surface-enhanced Raman scattering platform for ultra-trace detection of trinitrotoluene in the environment
AKM Jamil, EL Izake, A Sivanesan, R Agoston, GA Ayoko
Analytical Methods 7 (9), 3863-3868, 2015
Selective Electrochemical Epinephrine Sensor Using Self‐Assembled Monomolecular Film of 1, 8, 15, 22‐Tetraaminophthalocyanatonickel (II) on Gold Electrode
A Sivanesan, SA John
Electroanalysis: An International Journal Devoted to Fundamental and …, 2008
Fabrication of optochemical and electrochemical sensors using thin films of porphyrin and phthalocyanine derivatives
P Kalimuthu, A Sivanesan, SA John
Journal of Chemical Sciences 124 (6), 1315-1325, 2012
Adsorption thermodynamics and kinetics study for the self-assembly of 1, 8, 15, 22-tetraaminophthalocyanatocobalt (II) on glassy carbon surface
A Sivanesan, SA John
Electrochimica acta 54 (28), 7458-7463, 2009
Highly sensitive electrochemical sensor for nitric oxide using the self‐assembled monolayer of 1, 8, 15, 22‐Tetraaminophthalocyanatocobalt (II) on glassy carbon electrode
A Sivanesan, SA John
Electroanalysis: An International Journal Devoted to Fundamental and …, 2010
Towards interference free HPLC-SERS for the trace analysis of drug metabolites in biological fluids
WA Hassanain, EL Izake, A Sivanesan, GA Ayoko
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 136, 38-43, 2017
Tailored silica coated Ag nanoparticles for non-invasive surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of biomolecular targets
A Sivanesan, J Kozuch, HK Ly, G Kalaivani, A Fischer, IM Weidinger
RSC advances 2 (3), 805-808, 2012
Charge-transfer interaction of aromatic thiols with 2, 3-dichloro-5, 6-dicyano-p-benzoquinone: Spectral and quantum mechanical studies
P Kalimuthu, A Sivanesan, SA John
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (48), 12086-12092, 2007
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