Viduth K. Chaugule
Viduth K. Chaugule
Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Autoregulation of Parkin activity through its ubiquitin‐like domain
VK Chaugule, L Burchell, KR Barber, A Sidhu, SJ Leslie, GS Shaw, ...
The EMBO journal 30 (14), 2853-2867, 2011
Disruption of the autoinhibited state primes the E3 ligase parkin for activation and catalysis
A Kumar, JD Aguirre, TEC Condos, RJ Martinez‐Torres, VK Chaugule, ...
The EMBO journal 34 (20), 2506-2521, 2015
Ubc9 sumoylation controls SUMO chain formation and meiotic synapsis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
H Klug, M Xaver, VK Chaugule, S Koidl, G Mittler, F Klein, A Pichler
Molecular cell 50 (5), 625-636, 2013
Parkin–phosphoubiquitin complex reveals cryptic ubiquitin-binding site required for RBR ligase activity
A Kumar, VK Chaugule, TEC Condos, KR Barber, C Johnson, R Toth, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 24 (5), 475, 2017
A new vertebrate SUMO enzyme family reveals insights into SUMO-chain assembly
N Eisenhardt, VK Chaugule, S Koidl, M Droescher, E Dogan, J Rettich, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 22 (12), 959, 2015
SUMO rules: regulatory concepts and their implication in neurologic functions
M Droescher, VK Chaugule, A Pichler
Neuromolecular medicine 15 (4), 639-660, 2013
Specificity and disease in the ubiquitin system
VK Chaugule, H Walden
Biochemical Society Transactions 44 (1), 212-227, 2016
Small, N-terminal tags activate Parkin E3 ubiquitin ligase activity by disrupting its autoinhibited conformation
L Burchell, VK Chaugule, H Walden
PloS one 7 (4), e34748, 2012
Mechanism and disease association of E2-conjugating enzymes: lessons from UBE2T and UBE2L3
AF Alpi, V Chaugule, H Walden
Biochemical Journal 473 (20), 3401-3419, 2016
The Fanconi anemia DNA repair pathway is regulated by an interaction between ubiquitin and the E2-like fold domain of FANCL
JA Miles, MG Frost, E Carroll, ML Rowe, MJ Howard, A Sidhu, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (34), 20995-21006, 2015
Allosteric targeting of the Fanconi anemia ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme Ube2T by fragment screening
FE Morreale, A Bortoluzzi, VK Chaugule, C Arkinson, H Walden, A Ciulli
Journal of medicinal chemistry 60 (9), 4093-4098, 2017
DHX15 regulates CMTR1-dependent gene expression and cell proliferation
F Inesta-Vaquera, VK Chaugule, A Galloway, L Chandler, ...
Life science alliance 1 (3), 2018
Synergistic recruitment of UbcH7~ Ub and phosphorylated Ubl domain triggers parkin activation
TEC Condos, KM Dunkerley, EA Freeman, KR Barber, JD Aguirre, ...
The EMBO journal 37 (23), e100014, 2018
The SUMO2/3 specific E3 ligase ZNF451-1 regulates PML stability
S Koidl, N Eisenhardt, C Fatouros, M Droescher, VK Chaugule, A Pichler
The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 79, 478-487, 2016
RNF12 X-linked intellectual disability mutations disrupt E3 ligase activity and neural differentiation
F Bustos, A Segarra-Fas, VK Chaugule, L Brandenburg, E Branigan, ...
Cell reports 23 (6), 1599-1611, 2018
Allosteric mechanism for site-specific ubiquitination of FANCD2
VK Chaugule, C Arkinson, ML Rennie, O Kmrinen, R Toth, H Walden
Nature Chemical Biology 16 (3), 291-301, 2020
Mind the metal: A fragment library-derived zinc impurity binds the E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme Ube2T and induces structural rearrangements
FE Morreale, A Testa, VK Chaugule, A Bortoluzzi, A Ciulli, H Walden
Journal of medicinal chemistry 60 (19), 8183-8191, 2017
Specificity for deubiquitination of monoubiquitinated FANCD2 is driven by the N-terminus of USP1
C Arkinson, VK Chaugule, R Toth, H Walden
Life science alliance 1 (5), 2018
Enzymatic preparation of monoubiquitinated FANCD2 and FANCI proteins
VK Chaugule, C Arkinson, R Toth, H Walden
Methods in enzymology 618, 73-104, 2019
Differential functions of FANCI and FANCD2 ubiquitination stabilize ID2 complex on DNA
ML Rennie, K Lemonidis, C Arkinson, VK Chaugule, M Clarke, J Streetley, ...
EMBO reports, e50133, 2020
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