Mahmoud Sitohy
Mahmoud Sitohy
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Solubility and emulsifying properties of caseins modified enzymatically by Staphylococcus aureus V8 protease
JM Chobert, MZ Sitohy, JR Whitaker
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 36 (1), 220-224, 1988
Protective effect of whey proteins against nonalcoholic fatty liver in rats
EM Hamad, SH Taha, AGI Abou Dawood, MZ Sitohy, M Abdel-Hamid
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Isolation and characterization of a lectin with antifungal activity from Egyptian Pisum sativum seeds
M Sitohy, M Doheim, H Badr
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In vitro and in situ antimicrobial action and mechanism of glycinin and its basic subunit
MZ Sitohy, SA Mahgoub, AO Osman
International Journal of Food Microbiology 154 (1-2), 19-29, 2012
Mycobacterium marinum infection in fish and man: epidemiology, pathophysiology and management; a review
E Hashish, A Merwad, S Elgaml, A Amer, H Kamal, A Elsadek, A Marei, ...
Veterinary Quarterly 38 (1), 35-46, 2018
Physicochemical properties of different types of starch phosphate monoesters
MZ Sitohy, SS El‐Saadany, SM Labib, MF Ramadan
Starch‐Strke 52 (4), 101-105, 2000
Optimizing the conditions for starch dry phosphorylation with sodium mono‐and dihydrogen orthophosphate under heat and vacuum
MZ Sitohy, SM Labib, SS El‐Saadany, MF Ramadan
Starch‐Strke 52 (4), 095-100, 2000
Potential use of lactic acid bacteria for reduction of allergenicity and for longer conservation of fermented foods
S El-Ghaish, A Ahmadova, I Hadji-Sfaxi, KE El Mecherfi, I Bazukyan, ...
Trends in food science & technology 22 (9), 509-516, 2011
Biochemical dynamics and hypocholesterolemic action of Hibiscus sabdariffa (Karkade)
SS El‐Saadany, MZ Sitohy, SM Labib, RA El‐Massry
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Angiotensin I-converting-enzyme (ACE)-inhibitory activity of tryptic peptides of ovine -lactoglobulin and of milk yoghurts obtained by using different starters
JM Chobert, K El-Zahar, M Sitohy, M Dalgalarrondo, F Mtro, Y Choiset, ...
Le Lait 85 (3), 141-152, 2005
Isolation and partial characterization of chickpea, lupine and lentil seed proteins
SA Alsohaimy, MZ Sitohy, RA El-Masry
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 3 (1), 123-129, 2007
The biochemical role and hypocholesterolaemic potential of the legume Cassia fistula in hypercholesterolaemic rats
SS El‐Saadany, RA El‐Massry, SM Labib, MZ Sitohy
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Degradability of different phosphorylated starches and thermoplastic films prepared from corn starch phosphomonoesters
MZ Sitohy, MF Ramadan
Starch‐Strke 53 (7), 317-322, 2001
Solvent and enzyme-aided aqueous extraction of goldenberry (Physalis peruviana L.) pomace oil: Impact of processing on composition and quality of oil and meal
MF Ramadan, MZ Sitohy, JT Moersel
European Food Research and Technology 226 (6), 1445-1458, 2008
Screening of strains of Lactococci isolated from Egyptian dairy products for their proteolytic activity
S El-Ghaish, M Dalgalarrondo, Y Choiset, M Sitohy, I Ivanova, T Haertl, ...
Food Chemistry 120 (3), 758-764, 2010
Peptic hydrolysis of ovine β-lactoglobulin and α-lactalbumin Exceptional susceptibility of native ovine β-lactoglobulin to pepsinolysis
K El-Zahar, M Sitohy, Y Choiset, F Mtro, T Haertle, JM Chobert
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Antimicrobial activity of native and esterified legume proteins against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria
M Sitohy, A Osman
Food Chemistry 120 (1), 66-73, 2010
Specific limited hydrolysis and phosphorylation of food proteins for improvement of functional and nutritional properties
JM Chobert, M Sitohy, JR Whitaker
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 64 (12), 1704-1711, 1987
Inhibition of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) using whey proteins
AM Abdelbacki, SH Taha, MZ Sitohy, AI Abou Dawood, MM Hamid, ...
Virology Journal 7 (1), 1-6, 2010
Ginger and its derivatives as promising alternatives to antibiotics in poultry feed
ME Abd El-Hack, M Alagawany, H Shaheen, D Samak, SI Othman, ...
Animals 10 (3), 452, 2020
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