Andrés Solórzano
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Chronology and geology of an Early Miocene mammalian assemblage in North of South America, from Cerro La Cruz (Castillo Formation), Lara State, Venezuela: implications in the …
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Redescription of the holotype of the Miocene crocodylian Mourasuchus arendsi (Alligatoroidea, Caimaninae) and perspectives on the taxonomy of the species
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Biotic and abiotic factors driving the diversification dynamics of Crocodylia
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Record of tayassuids in? late Pliocene to Quaternary deposits in Venezuela
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A new Miocene vertebrate assemblage from the Río Yuca Formation (Venezuela) and the northernmost record of typical Miocene mammals of high latitude (Patagonian) affinities in …
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Fish-otoliths from the early Miocene of the Castillo Formation, Venezuela: a view into the proto-Caribbean teleostean assemblages
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Palaeothentid marsupials of the Salla Beds of Bolivia (late Oligocene): two new species and insights into the post-Eocene radiation of palaeothentoids
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A latitudinal diversity gradient of shallow-water gorgonians (Cnidaria: Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) along the Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean: testing for underlying mechanisms
M Núñez–Flores, A Solórzano, CE Hernández, PJ López–González
Marine Biodiversity 49 (6), 2787-2800, 2019
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