Dejan Prelević
Dejan Prelević
Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade University, Serbia
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Trace elements and Sr–Nd–Pb isotopes of K-rich, shoshonitic, and calc-alkaline magmatism of the Western Mediterranean Region: genesis of ultrapotassic to calc-alkaline magmatic …
S Conticelli, L Guarnieri, A Farinelli, M Mattei, R Avanzinelli, G Bianchini, ...
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D Prelević, SF Foley, R Romer, S Conticelli
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D Prelević, C Akal, SF Foley, RL Romer, A Stracke, P Van Den Bogaard
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SF Foley, D Prelevic, T Rehfeldt, DE Jacob
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Magmatic Response to Slab Tearing: Constraints from the Afyon Alkaline Volcanic Complex, Western Turkey
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Lamproites as indicators of accretion and/or shallow subduction in the assembly of south‐western Anatolia, Turkey
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Characteristics of the lithospheric mantle beneath East Serbia inferred from ultramafic xenoliths in Palaeogene basanites
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Early Triassic potassic volcanism in the Afyon Zone of the Anatolides/Turkey: implications for the rifting of the Neo-Tethys
C Akal, O Candan, OE Koralay, R Oberhänsli, F Chen, D Prelević
International Journal of Earth Sciences 101 (1), 177-194, 2012
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