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Surface ruptures following the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Norcia earthquake, central Italy
R Civico, S Pucci, F Villani, L Pizzimenti, PM De Martini, R Nappi, ...
Journal of Maps 14 (2), 151-160, 2018
A database of the coseismic effects following the 30 October 2016 Norcia earthquake in Central Italy
F Villani, R Civico, S Pucci, L Pizzimenti, R Nappi, PM De Martini
Scientific data 5 (1), 1-11, 2018
Fluid flow numerical experiments of faulted porous carbonates, Northwest Sicily (Italy)
M Antonellini, A Cilona, E Tondi, M Zambrano, F Agosta
Marine and Petroleum Geology 55, 186-201, 2014
Fracture properties analysis and discrete fracture network modelling of faulted tight limestones, Murge Plateau, Italy
M Zambrano, E Tondi, I Korneva, E Panza, F Agosta, JM Janiseck, ...
Italian Journal of Geosciences 135 (1), 55-67, 2016
Fracture stratigraphy and fluid flow properties of shallow-water, tight carbonates: the case study of the Murge Plateau (southern Italy)
E Panza, F Agosta, A Rustichelli, M Zambrano, E Tondi, G Prosser, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 73, 350-370, 2016
3D Pore-network quantitative analysis in deformed carbonate grainstones
M Zambrano, E Tondi, L Mancini, F Arzilli, G Lanzafame, M Materazzi, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 82, 251-264, 2017
Fluid flow simulation and permeability computation in deformed porous carbonate grainstones
M Zambrano, E Tondi, L Mancini, G Lanzafame, FX Trias, F Arzilli, ...
Advances in water resources 115, 95-111, 2018
Analysis of Fracture Roughness Control on Permeability Using SfM and Fluid Flow Simulations: Implications for Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
M Zambrano, AD Pitts, A Salama, T Volatili, M Giorgioni, E Tondi
Geofluids 2019, 2019
From fracture analysis to flow simulations in fractured carbonates: The case study of the Roman Valley Quarry (Majella Mountain, Italy)
T Volatili, M Zambrano, A Cilona, BAH Huisman, A Rustichelli, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 100, 95-110, 2019
Fracture characterization and modeling of karsted carbonate reservoirs: A case study in Tahe oilfield, Tarim Basin (western China)
JN Mendez, Q Jin, M González, X Zhang, C Lobo, CD Boateng, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 112, 104104, 2020
Structural architecture and Discrete Fracture Network modelling of layered fractured carbonates (Altamura Fm., Italy)
E Panza, F Agosta, M Zambrano, E Tondi, G Prosser, M Giorgioni, ...
Italian Journal of Geosciences 134 (3), 409-422, 2015
Strain monitoring of active faults in the central Apennines (Italy) during the period 2002–2017
J Stemberk, GC Dal Moro, J Stemberk, J Blahůt, M Coubal, B Košťák, ...
Tectonophysics 750, 22-35, 2019
Implementation of dynamic neutron radiography and integrated X-ray and neutron tomography in porous carbonate reservoir rocks
M Zambrano, F Hameed, L Mancini, E Tondi
Frontiers in Earth Science 7, 329, 2019
Pore-scale dual-porosity and dual-permeability modeling in an exposed multi-facies porous carbonate reservoir
M Zambrano, T Volatili, L Mancini, A Pitts, M Giorgioni, E Tondi
Marine and Petroleum Geology 128, 105004, 2021
Petrophysical Properties and Microstructural Analysis of Faulted Heterolithic Packages: A Case Study from Miocene Turbidite Successions, Italy
H Riegel, M Zambrano, F Balsamo, L Mattioni, E Tondi
Geofluids 2019, 2019
The impact of weathering upon the roughness characteristics of a splay of the active fault system responsible for the massive 2016 seismic sequence of the Central Apennines, Italy
A Corradetti, M Zambrano, S Tavani, E Tondi, TD Seers
GSA Bulletin 133 (3-4), 885-896, 2021
Outcrop-scale fracture analysis and seismic modelling of a basin-bounding normal fault in platform carbonates, central Italy
T Volatili, F Agosta, N Cardozo, M Zambrano, I Lecomte, E Tondi
Journal of Structural Geology 155, 104515, 2022
CO2 and heat energy transport by enhanced fracture permeability in the Monterotondo Marittimo-Sasso Pisano transfer fault system (Larderello Geothermal Field, Italy)
M Taussi, A Brogi, D Liotta, B Nisi, M Perrini, O Vaselli, M Zambrano, ...
Geothermics 105, 102531, 2022
Rock type prediction and 3D modeling of clastic paleokarst fillings in deeply-buried carbonates using the Democratic Neural Networks Association technique
JN Méndez, Q Jin, X Zhang, M González, M Kashif, CD Boateng, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 127, 104987, 2021
Quantitative pore network analysis and permeability evaluation of porous carbonate reservoir rocks using X-ray computed microtomography images
M Zambrano, E Tondi, L Mancini
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