Alfredo RUBINO
Alfredo RUBINO
Professore di elettronica, Università di Salerno
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Amorphous silicon waveguides and light modulators for integrated photonics realized by low-temperature plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition
G Cocorullo, FG Della Corte, I Rendina, C Minarini, A Rubino, E Terzini
Optics Letters 21 (24), 2002-2004, 1996
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G Cocorullo, FG Della Corte, R De Rosa, I Rendina, A Rubino, E Terzini
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Electrical transport properties characterization of PVK (poly N-vinylcarbazole) for electroluminescent devices applications
P d’Angelo, M Barra, A Cassinese, MG Maglione, P Vacca, C Minarini, ...
Solid-state electronics 51 (1), 123-129, 2007
Structural and optical characterization of amorphous and crystalline evaporated WO3 layers
A Antonaia, T Polichetti, ML Addonizio, S Aprea, C Minarini, A Rubino
Thin Solid Films 354 (1-2), 73-81, 1999
Poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly (4-styrenesulfonate) ratio: Structural, physical and hole injection properties in organic light emitting diodes
P Vacca, M Petrosino, R Miscioscia, G Nenna, C Minarini, D Della Sala, ...
Thin Solid Films 516 (12), 4232-4237, 2008
Enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity by up-conversion phosphors modified N-doped TiO2
V Vaiano, O Sacco, G Iervolino, D Sannino, P Ciambelli, R Liguori, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 176, 594-600, 2015
Effect of back-gate on contact resistance and on channel conductance in graphene-based field-effect transistors
A Di Bartolomeo, S Santandrea, F Giubileo, F Romeo, M Petrosino, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 38, 19-23, 2013
Monitoring of the initial degradation of oxadiazole based blue OLED’s
HC Neitzert, M Ferrara, A Rubino, S Concilio, P Iannelli, P Vacca, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 352 (9-20), 1695-1699, 2006
Study of the thermo-optic effect in hydrogenated amorphous silicon and hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbide between 300 and 500 K at 1.55 μm
FG Della Corte, ME Montefusco, L Moretti, I Rendina, A Rubino
Applied Physics Letters 79 (2), 168-170, 2001
The Relation between the Electrical, Chemical, and Morphological Properties of Indium− Tin Oxide Layers and Double-Layer Light-Emitting Diode Performance
P Vacca, M Petrosino, A Guerra, R Chierchia, C Minarini, DD Sala, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (46), 17404-17408, 2007
Switching device based on a thin film of an azo-containing polymer for application in memory cells
D Attianese, M Petrosino, P Vacca, S Concilio, P Iannelli, A Rubino, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 29 (1), 44-46, 2007
The effect of the PEDOT: PSS surface energy on the interface potential barrier
M Petrosino, A Rubino
Synthetic Metals 161 (23-24), 2714-2717, 2012
Synthesis and characterization of new electroluminescent molecules containing carbazole and oxadiazole units
V Bugatti, S Concilio, P Iannelli, SP Piotto, S Bellone, M Ferrara, ...
Synthetic metals 156 (1), 13-20, 2006
Electrical properties of heavily doped μc‐Si: H
A Di Nocera, A Mittiga, A Rubino
Journal of applied physics 78 (6), 3955-3960, 1995
Measurement of the thermo-optic coefficient of a-Si: H at the wavelength of 1500 nm from room temperature to 200° C
G Cocorullo, FG Della Corte, L Moretti, I Rendina, A Rubino
Journal of non-crystalline solids 299, 310-313, 2002
Light-and bias-induced effects in pentacene-based thin film phototransistors with a photocurable polymer dielectric
R Liguori, WC Sheets, A Facchetti, A Rubino
Organic Electronics 28, 147-154, 2016
Effect of PEDOT: PSS ratio on the electrical and optical properties of OLEDs
M Petrosino, P Vacca, R Miscioscia, G Nenna, C Minarini, A Rubino
Photonic Materials, Devices, and Applications II 6593, 659310, 2007
Fast infrared light modulation in a-Si: H micro-devices for fiber-to-the-home applications
G Cocorullo, FG Della Corte, R De Rosa, I Rendina, A Rubino, E Terzini
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 266, 1247-1251, 2000
Synthesis and luminescent properties of a new class of nematic oxadiazole containing poly-ethers for PLED
D Acierno, E Amendola, S Bellone, S Concilio, L Ferrara, P Iannelli, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 338, 278-282, 2004
Synthesis and characterization of a new class of nematic photoluminescent oxadiazole-containing polyethers
D Acierno, E Amendola, S Bellone, S Concilio, P Iannelli, HC Neitzert, ...
Macromolecules 36 (17), 6410-6415, 2003
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