Sandro Romani
Sandro Romani
Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus - HHMI
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Citata da
Theta sequences are essential for internally generated hippocampal firing fields
Y Wang, S Romani, B Lustig, A Leonardo, E Pastalkova
Nature neuroscience 18 (2), 282-288, 2015
Behavioral time scale synaptic plasticity underlies CA1 place fields
KC Bittner, AD Milstein, C Grienberger, S Romani, JC Magee
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Discrete attractor dynamics underlies persistent activity in the frontal cortex
HK Inagaki, L Fontolan, S Romani, K Svoboda
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Inhibitory suppression of heterogeneously tuned excitation enhances spatial coding in CA1 place cells
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Scaling laws of associative memory retrieval
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Simple integration of fast excitation and offset, delayed inhibition computes directional selectivity in Drosophila
E Gruntman, S Romani, MB Reiser
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Hippocampal global remapping for different sensory modalities in flying bats
M Geva-Sagiv, S Romani, L Las, N Ulanovsky
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Mean-field analysis of selective persistent activity in presence of short-term synaptic depression
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Short‐term plasticity based network model of place cells dynamics
S Romani, M Tsodyks
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Low-dimensional and monotonic preparatory activity in mouse anterior lateral motor cortex
HK Inagaki, M Inagaki, S Romani, K Svoboda
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Generation of stable heading representations in diverse visual scenes
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A novel pyramidal cell type promotes sharp-wave synchronization in the hippocampus
DL Hunt, D Linaro, B Si, S Romani, N Spruston
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Neural network model of memory retrieval
S Recanatesi, M Katkov, S Romani, M Tsodyks
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Continuous attractors with morphed/correlated maps
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Optimizing one-shot learning with binary synapses
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Memory retrieval from first principles
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Word length effect in free recall of randomly assembled word lists
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Continuous attractor network model for conjunctive position-by-velocity tuning of grid cells
B Si, S Romani, M Tsodyks
PLoS Comput Biol 10 (4), e1003558, 2014
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