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Deletion of the developmentally essential gene ATR in adult mice leads to age-related phenotypes and stem cell loss
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TOX and TOX2 transcription factors cooperate with NR4A transcription factors to impose CD8+ T cell exhaustion
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Adaptation of innate lymphoid cells to a micronutrient deficiency promotes type 2 barrier immunity
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MAIT cells are imprinted by the microbiota in early life and promote tissue repair
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Commitment and developmental potential of extrathymic and intrathymic T cell precursors: plenty to choose from
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Canonical notch signaling is dispensable for the maintenance of adult hematopoietic stem cells
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Coreceptor reversal in the thymus: signaled CD4+ 8+ thymocytes initially terminate CD8 transcription even when differentiating into CD8+ T cells
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CCR7 and CCR9 together recruit hematopoietic progenitors to the adult thymus
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The requirement for Notch signaling at the β-selection checkpoint in vivo is absolute and independent of the pre–T cell receptor
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