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Steven H. Spoel
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NPR1 modulates cross-talk between salicylate-and jasmonate-dependent defense pathways through a novel function in the cytosol
SH Spoel, A Koornneef, SMC Claessens, JP Korzelius, JA Van Pelt, ...
The Plant Cell 15 (3), 760-770, 2003
Plant immunity requires conformational charges of NPR1 via S-nitrosylation and thioredoxins
Y Tada, SH Spoel, K Pajerowska-Mukhtar, Z Mou, J Song, C Wang, J Zuo, ...
Science 321 (5891), 952-956, 2008
How do plants achieve immunity? Defence without specialized immune cells
SH Spoel, X Dong
Nature reviews immunology 12 (2), 89-100, 2012
NPR3 and NPR4 are receptors for the immune signal salicylic acid in plants
ZQ Fu, S Yan, A Saleh, W Wang, J Ruble, N Oka, R Mohan, SH Spoel, ...
Nature 486 (7402), 228-232, 2012
Regulation of tradeoffs between plant defenses against pathogens with different lifestyles
SH Spoel, JS Johnson, X Dong
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (47), 18842-18847, 2007
S-nitrosylation of NADPH oxidase regulates cell death in plant immunity
BW Yun, A Feechan, M Yin, NBB Saidi, T Le Bihan, M Yu, JW Moore, ...
Nature 478 (7368), 264-268, 2011
Making sense of hormone crosstalk during plant immune responses
SH Spoel, X Dong
Cell host & microbe 3 (6), 348-351, 2008
Proteasome-mediated turnover of the transcription coactivator NPR1 plays dual roles in regulating plant immunity
SH Spoel, Z Mou, Y Tada, NW Spivey, P Genschik, X Dong
Cell 137 (5), 860-872, 2009
Fine‐tuning plant defence signalling: salicylate versus jasmonate
GJM Beckers, SH Spoel
Plant biology 8 (1), 1-10, 2006
Nitric oxide function in plant biology: a redox cue in deconvolution
M Yu, L Lamattina, SH Spoel, GJ Loake
New Phytologist 202 (4), 1142-1156, 2014
Ethylene modulates the role of NONEXPRESSOR OF PATHOGENESIS-RELATED GENES1 in cross talk between salicylate and jasmonate signaling
A Leon-Reyes, SH Spoel, ES De Lange, H Abe, M Kobayashi, S Tsuda, ...
Plant Physiology 149 (4), 1797-1809, 2009
Transcription dynamics in plant immunity
JW Moore, GJ Loake, SH Spoel
The Plant Cell 23 (8), 2809-2820, 2011
The redox switch: dynamic regulation of protein function by cysteine modifications
D Spadaro, BW Yun, SH Spoel, C Chu, YQ Wang, GJ Loake
Physiologia Plantarum 138 (4), 360-371, 2010
Redox-based protein modifications: the missing link in plant immune signalling
SH Spoel, GJ Loake
Current opinion in plant biology 14 (4), 358-364, 2011
S-nitrosothiols regulate nitric oxide production and storage in plants through the nitrogen assimilation pathway
L Frungillo, MJ Skelly, GJ Loake, SH Spoel, I Salgado
Nature Communications 5 (1), 1-10, 2014
Perception of low red: far‐red ratio compromises both salicylic acid‐and jasmonic acid‐dependent pathogen defences in A rabidopsis
M de Wit, SH Spoel, GF Sanchez‐Perez, CMM Gommers, CMJ Pieterse, ...
The Plant Journal 75 (1), 90-103, 2013
Selective Protein Denitrosylation Activity of Thioredoxin-h5 Modulates Plant Immunity
S Kneeshaw, S Gelineau, Y Tada, GJ Loake, SH Spoel
Molecular cell 56 (1), 153-162, 2014
GSNOR-mediated de-nitrosylation in the plant defence response
SI Malik, A Hussain, BW Yun, SH Spoel, GJ Loake
Plant Science 181 (5), 540-544, 2011
A sleigh ride through the SNO: regulation of plant immune function by protein S-nitrosylation
M Yu, BW Yun, SH Spoel, GJ Loake
Current opinion in plant biology 15 (4), 424-430, 2012
Nitric oxide and S‐nitrosoglutathione function additively during plant immunity
BW Yun, MJ Skelly, M Yin, M Yu, BG Mun, SU Lee, A Hussain, SH Spoel, ...
New Phytologist 211 (2), 516-526, 2016
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