Fabrizio De Cesare
Fabrizio De Cesare
DIBAF - UniversitÓ della Tuscia (Viterbo); IIA - CNR (Roma)
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A high sensitive NO< sub> 2</sub> gas sensor based on PEDOT-PSS/TiO< sub> 2</sub> nanofibres suitable for breath analysis
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Inhibition of vesicular stomatitis virus replication by Δ12-prostaglandin J2 is regulated at two separate levels and is associated with induction of stress protein synthesis
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Humidity effects on a novel eco-friendly chemosensor based on electrospun PANi/PHB nanofibres
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Electrospinning of Polystyrene/Polyhydroxybutyrate Nanofibers Doped with Porphyrin and Graphene for Chemiresistor Gas Sensors
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Use of electronic nose technology to measure soil microbial activity through biogenic volatile organic compounds and gases release
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Role of carbohydrate moieties in cross‐reactivity between different components of Parietaria Judaica pollen extract
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Cadmium-induced changes in soil biochemical characteristics of oat (Avena sativa L.) rhizosphere during early growth stages
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Soil Research 49 (7), 642-651, 2011
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