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Rietveld refinement of amorphous SiO2 prepared via sol–gel method
JR Martínez, S Palomares-Sánchez, G Ortega-Zarzosa, F Ruiz, ...
Materials letters 60 (29-30), 3526-3529, 2006
Synthesis by coprecipitation and study of barium hexaferrite powders
J Matutes-Aquino, S Diaz-Castanon, M Mirabal-Garcia, ...
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Catalytic activity of the barium hexaferrite with H2O2/visible light irradiation for degradation of Methylene Blue
C Valero-Luna, SA Palomares-Sanchéz, F Ruíz
Catalysis Today 266, 110-119, 2016
Synthesis of calcium doped lanthanum manganite by mechanosynthesis
AM Bolarín, F Sánchez, S Palomares, JA Aguilar, G Torres-Villasenor
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Synthesis of Fe 2 O 3 species embedded in a silica xerogel matrix: a comparative study
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Preparation and characterization of AlVO 4 compound
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Formation of nickel-zinc ferrite embedded in a silica xerogel matrix
S Ponce-Castaneda, JR Martinez, SAP Sánchez, F Ruiz, ...
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Use of the Rietveld refinement method for the preparation of pure lead hexaferrite
SA Palomares-Sánchez, S Diaz-Castanon, S Ponce-Castañeda, ...
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Effect of barium on the properties of lead hexaferrite
AL Guerrero-Serrano, TJ Pérez-Juache, M Mirabal-García, ...
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Quantitative analysis of iron oxide particles embedded in an amorphous xerogel matrix
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Electric characterization of (Sr, Sr-Ba, Ba) M-type ferrites by AC measurements [Alternating Current]
A Huanosta-Tera, R de Lira-Hueso, O Pérez-Orta, ...
Scripta materialia 42 (6), 2000
Magnetic properties enhancement of M-Ba ferrites embedded in a SiO2 matrix
S Ponce-Castañeda, JR Martınez, F Ruiz, S Palomares-Sánchez, ...
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Infrared spectroscopy analysis of oxyhydroxides as intermediate species in the formation of iron oxides-silica xerogels
S Ponce-Castaneda, JR Martinez, S Palomares-Sánchez, F Ruiz, ...
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 27 (3), 247-254, 2003
Effect of pb on the magnetic interactions of the M-type hexaferrites
AL Guerrero, M Mirabal-García, SA Palomares-Sánchez, JR Martínez
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 399, 41-45, 2016
Structural and morphological characteristics of polycrystalline BaTiO 3: Er 3+, Yb 3+ ceramics synthesized by the sol–gel route: influence of chelating agents
AG Murillo, FJC Romo, MG Hernández, JR Salgado, MAD Crespo, ...
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 53 (1), 121-133, 2010
Magneto-structural characterization of strontium substituted lead hexaferrite
AL Guerrero-Serrano, SA Palomares-Sánchez, M Mirabal-García, ...
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First-Principles Study of Thermoelectric Properties of Covalent Organic Frameworks
Y Chumakov, F Aksakal, A Dimoglo, A Ata, SA Palomares-Sánchez
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SA Palomares-Sanchez, BE Watts, D Klimm, A Baraldi, A Parisini, ...
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Analysis of the structure and Mössbauer study of the neodymium substitution in the Sr-hexaferrite
TJ Pérez-Juache, AL Guerrero, JG Cabal-Velarde, M Mirabal-García, ...
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Synthesis and study of the lanthanum substitution in the lead M-type hexaferrite
AL Guerrero-Serrano, M Mirabal-García, SA Palomares-Sánchez
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 27 (7), 1709-1713, 2014
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