Federico Aiace Gorelli
Federico Aiace Gorelli
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The Widom line as the crossover between liquid-like and gas-like behaviour in supercritical fluids
GG Simeoni, T Bryk, FA Gorelli, M Krisch, G Ruocco, M Santoro, ...
Nature Physics 6 (7), 503, 2010
The ε phase of solid oxygen: evidence of an O 4 molecule lattice
FA Gorelli, L Ulivi, M Santoro, R Bini
Physical review letters 83 (20), 4093, 1999
Triggering dynamics of the high-pressure benzene amorphization
L Ciabini, M Santoro, FA Gorelli, R Bini, V Schettino, S Raugei
Nature materials 6 (1), 39, 2007
Amorphous silica-like carbon dioxide
M Santoro, FA Gorelli, R Bini, G Ruocco, S Scandolo, WA Crichton
Nature 441 (7095), 857, 2006
High-pressure and high-temperature equation of state and phase diagram of solid benzene
L Ciabini, FA Gorelli, M Santoro, R Bini, V Schettino, M Mezouar
Physical Review B 72 (9), 094108, 2005
Crystalline post-quartz phase in silica at high pressure
J Haines, JM Lger, F Gorelli, M Hanfland
Physical Review Letters 87 (15), 155503, 2001
X-ray diffraction and theoretical studies of the high-pressure structures and phase transitions in magnesium fluoride
J Haines, JM Leger, F Gorelli, DD Klug, JS Tse, ZQ Li
Physical Review B 64 (13), 134110, 2001
High pressure solid state chemistry of carbon dioxide
M Santoro, FA Gorelli
Chemical Society Reviews 35 (10), 918-931, 2006
Pressure tuning of the morphotropic phase boundary in piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate
J Rouquette, J Haines, V Bornand, M Pintard, P Papet, C Bousquet, ...
Physical Review B 70 (1), 014108, 2004
Deactivation of pressure-induced amorphization in silicalite SiO2 by insertion of guest species
J Haines, O Cambon, C Levelut, M Santoro, F Gorelli, G Garbarino
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (26), 8860-8861, 2010
Liquidlike behavior of supercritical fluids
F Gorelli, M Santoro, T Scopigno, M Krisch, G Ruocco
Physical review letters 97 (24), 245702, 2006
Pressure tuning of electron-phonon coupling: The insulator to metal transition in manganites
P Postorino, A Congeduti, P Dore, A Sacchetti, F Gorelli, L Ulivi, A Kumar, ...
Physical review letters 91 (17), 175501, 2003
Transition to a cubic phase with symmetry-breaking disorder in PbZr 0.52 Ti 0.48 O 3 at high pressure
J Rouquette, J Haines, V Bornand, M Pintard, P Papet, R Astier, JM Lger, ...
Physical Review B 65 (21), 214102, 2002
Enhanced mechanical strength of zeolites by adsorption of guest molecules
B Coasne, J Haines, C Levelut, O Cambon, M Santoro, F Gorelli, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (45), 20096-20099, 2011
Silicon carbonate phase formed from carbon dioxide and silica under pressure
M Santoro, F Gorelli, J Haines, O Cambon, C Levelut, G Garbarino
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (19), 7689-7692, 2011
Electrical and Raman-imaging characterization of laser-made electrodes for 3D diamond detectors
S Lagomarsino, M Bellini, C Corsi, S Fanetti, F Gorelli, I Liontos, G Parrini, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 43, 23-28, 2014
Partially collapsed cristobalite structure in the non molecular phase V in CO2
M Santoro, FA Gorelli, R Bini, J Haines, O Cambon, C Levelut, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (14), 5176-5179, 2012
Dynamics and Thermodynamics beyond the critical point
FA Gorelli, T Bryk, M Krisch, G Ruocco, M Santoro, T Scopigno
Scientific reports 3, 1203, 2013
Mixed threefold and fourfold carbon coordination in compressed CO 2
JA Montoya, R Rousseau, M Santoro, F Gorelli, S Scandolo
Physical review letters 100 (16), 163002, 2008
Collective excitations in supercritical fluids: Analytical and molecular dynamics study of “positive” and “negative” dispersion
T Bryk, I Mryglod, T Scopigno, G Ruocco, F Gorelli, M Santoro
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (2), 024502, 2010
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