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Roman Pisarev
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Observation of coupled magnetic and electric domains
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, D Fr÷hlich, AV Goltsev, RV Pisarev
Nature 419 (6909), 818-820, 2002
Ultrafast non-thermal control of magnetization by instantaneous photomagnetic pulses
AV Kimel, A Kirilyuk, PA Usachev, RV Pisarev, AM Balbashov, T Rasing
Nature 435 (7042), 655-657, 2005
Laser-induced ultrafast spin reorientation in the antiferromagnet TmFeO 3
AV Kimel, A Kirilyuk, A Tsvetkov, RV Pisarev, T Rasing
Nature 429 (6994), 850-853, 2004
Determination of the magnetic symmetry of hexagonal manganites by second harmonic generation
M Fiebig, D Fr÷hlich, K Kohn, T Lottermoser, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev
Physical review letters 84 (24), 5620, 2000
Second-harmonic generation as a tool for studying electronic and magnetic structures of crystals
M Fiebig, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev
JOSA B 22 (1), 96-118, 2005
Inertia-driven spin switching in antiferromagnets
AV Kimel, BA Ivanov, RV Pisarev, PA Usachev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Nature Physics 5 (10), 727-731, 2009
Second Harmonic Generation and Magnetic-Dipole-Electric-Dipole Interference in Antiferromagnetic
M Fiebig, D Fr÷hlich, BB Krichevtsov, RV Pisarev
Physical review letters 73 (15), 2127, 1994
Spin-rotation phenomena and magnetic phase diagrams of hexagonal
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, RV Pisarev
Journal of applied physics 93 (10), 8194-8196, 2003
Observation of a transversal nonlinear magneto-optical effect in thin magnetic garnet films
VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Physical review letters 78 (10), 2004, 1997
Charge transfer transitions in multiferroic BiFeO 3 and related ferrite insulators
RV Pisarev, AS Moskvin, AM Kalashnikova, T Rasing
Physical Review B 79 (23), 235128, 2009
Room-temperature ultrafast carrier and spin dynamics in GaAs probed by the photoinduced magneto-optical Kerr effect
AV Kimel, F Bentivegna, VN Gridnev, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, T Rasing
Physical Review B 63 (23), 235201, 2001
Second harmonic generation in the centrosymmetric antiferromagnet NiO
M Fiebig, D Fr÷hlich, T Lottermoser, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, HJ Weber
Physical review letters 87 (13), 137202, 2001
Spontaneous non-reciprocal reflection of light from antiferromagnetic Cr2O3
BB Krichevtsov, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, VN Gridnev
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 5 (44), 8233, 1993
Impulsive Generation of Coherent Magnons by Linearly Polarized Light in the Easy-Plane Antiferromagnet
AM Kalashnikova, AV Kimel, RV Pisarev, VN Gridnev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Physical review letters 99 (16), 167205, 2007
Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy of the Two-Order-Parameter Compound
D Fr÷hlich, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev
Physical Review Letters 81 (15), 3239, 1998
Structure and Interaction of Antiferromagnetic Domain Walls in Hexagonal
AV Goltsev, RV Pisarev, T Lottermoser, M Fiebig
Physical review letters 90 (17), 177204, 2003
Interaction of Frustrated Magnetic Sublattices in
M Fiebig, C Degenhardt, RV Pisarev
Physical review letters 88 (2), 027203, 2001
Ultrafast optical modification of exchange interactions in iron oxides
RV Mikhaylovskiy, E Hendry, A Secchi, JH Mentink, M Eckstein, A Wu, ...
Nature communications 6, 8190, 2015
Birefringence of light in magnetically ordered crystals
GA Smolenskiĭ, RV Pisarev, IG Siniĭ
Soviet Physics Uspekhi 18 (6), 410, 1975
Laser-induced ultrafast spin dynamics in ErFeO
JA De Jong, AV Kimel, RV Pisarev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Physical Review B 84 (10), 104421, 2011
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