Dr. Anjaneyulu Chatla
Dr. Anjaneyulu Chatla
Post Doctoral Research Associate, Texas A&M University at Qatar
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An investigation on the influence of support type for Ni catalysed vapour phase hydrogenation of aqueous levulinic acid to γ-valerolactone
VV Kumar, G Naresh, M Sudhakar, C Anjaneyulu, SK Bhargava, J Tardio, ...
RSC advances 6 (12), 9872-9879, 2016
Influence of acid-base sites on ZnO–ZnCr2O4 catalyst during dehydrocyclization of aqueous glycerol and ethylenediamine for the synthesis of 2-methylpyrazine: Kinetic and …
A Venugopal, R Sarkari, C Anjaneyulu, V Krishna, MK Kumar, N Narender, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 469, 398-409, 2014
Effect of Zn addition on the performance of Ni/Al2O3 catalyst for steam reforming of ethanol
C Anjaneyulu, LOO da Costa, MC Ribeiro, RC Rabelo-Neto, LV Mattos, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 519, 85-98, 2016
Vapor phase synthesis of methylpyrazine using aqueous glycerol and ethylenediamine over ZnCr2O4 catalyst: Elucidation of reaction mechanism
R Sarkari, C Anjaneyulu, V Krishna, R Kishore, M Sudhakar, A Venugopal
Catalysis Communications 12 (12), 1067-1070, 2011
Synthesize 2-methylpyrazine using aqueous glycerol and ethylenediamine over zinc oxide–zinc chromite catalysts: Structure–activity relationship
V Akula, R Sarkari, A Chatla, K Vankudoth, KK Mandari
Applied Catalysis A: General 441, 108-118, 2012
Characteristics of La-modified Ni-Al2O3 and Ni-SiO2 catalysts for COx-free hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane
C Anjaneyulu, VV Kumar, SK Bhargava, A Venugopal
Journal of energy chemistry 22 (6), 853-860, 2013
Nano size Hb zeolite as an effective support for Ni and NieCu for COx free hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane
AV G. Naresh, V. Vijay Kumar, Ch. Anjaneyulu, J. Tardio, S.K. Bhargava, J. Patel
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (44), 19855-19862, 2016
Hydrodeoxygenation activity of W modified Ni/H-ZSM-5 catalyst for single step conversion of levulinic acid to pentanoic acid: An insight on the reaction mechanism and structure …
VK Velisoju, N Gutta, J Tardio, SK Bhargava, K Vankudoth, A Chatla, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 550, 142-150, 2018
Crude bio-glycerol as a hydrogen source for the selective hydrogenation of aromatic nitro compounds over Ru/MgLaO catalyst
M Sudhakar, G Naresh, G Rambabu, C Anjaneyulu, AH Padmasri, ...
Catalysis Communications 74, 91-94, 2016
Influence of rare earth (La, Pr, Nd, Gd, and Sm) metals on the methane decomposition activity of Ni–Al catalysts
C Anjaneyulu, G Naresh, VV Kumar, J Tardio, TV Rao, A Venugopal
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 3 (7), 1298-1305, 2015
Promotional Effect of Cu and Influence of Surface Ni–Cu Alloy for Enhanced H2 Yields from CH4 Decomposition over Cu-Modified Ni Supported on MCM-41 Catalyst
N Gutta, VK Velisoju, A Chatla, V Boosa, J Tardio, J Patel, V Akula
Energy & Fuels 32 (3), 4008-4015, 2018
Methane decomposition catalysts for COx-free hydrogen production
J Ashok, S Reema, C Anjaneyulu, M Subrahmanyam, A Venugopal
Reviews in Chemical Engineering 26 (1-2), 29-39, 2010
Ni/H-ZSM-5 as a stable and promising catalyst for CO x free H 2 production by CH 4 decomposition
C Anjaneyulu, G Naresh, VV Kumar, AH Padmasri, J Tardio, SK Bhargava, ...
RSC Advances 6 (41), 34600-34607, 2016
Prospects for Lower Carbon Routes for Conversion of Natural Gas to Energy
A Venugopal, C Anjaneyulu, SN Kumar, VV Kumar, G Naresh, ...
Energy & Fuels 31 (6), 6374-6377, 2017
An experimental and first principles DFT investigation on the effect of Cu addition to Ni/Al2O3 catalyst for the dry reforming of methane
A Chatla, MM Ghouri, OW El Hassan, N Mohamed, AV Prakash, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 602, 117699, 2020
Mechanistic Insights for Dry Reforming of Methane on Cu/Ni Bimetallic Catalysts: DFT-Assisted Microkinetic Analysis for Coke Resistance
ACNE Ahmed Omran, Sun Hee Yoon, Murtaza Khan, Minhaj Ghouri
Catalysts 10, 1043, 2020
Reaction Engineering and Catalysis Issue in Honor of Professor Dragomir Bukur: Introduction and Review
NO Elbashir, A Chatla, JJ Spivey, A Lemonidou
Catalysis Today, 2020
Dry Reforming of Methane: An Alternative Option for Carbon Capture
MS Challiwala, H Choudhury, A Chatla, D Sengupta, M El-Halwagi, ...
2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety, 2019
NANO-tailoring nickel catalyst surfaces for CO2 reforming of methane
A Prakash, S Afzal, A Chatla, P Littlewood, N Catherin, PC Stair, ...
12th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium 2019, 453-454, 2019
Decomposition of CH4 over Ni based catalysts for pure H2 Production a value addition process
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