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Organic carbon content of sediments as an indicator of stress in the marine benthos
J Hyland, L Balthis, I Karakassis, P Magni, A Petrov, J Shine, ...
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The use of benthic indicators in Europe: from the Water Framework Directive to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive
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Screen-printed electrodes for environmental monitoring of heavy metal ions: a review
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Genotoxicity biomarkers and acetylcholinesterase activity in natural populations of< i> Mytilus galloprovincialis</i> along a pollution gradient in the Gulf of Oristano …
P Magni, G De Falco, C Falugi, M Franzoni, M Monteverde, E Perrone, ...
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Distribution and ecological relevance of fine sediments in organic-enriched lagoons: the case study of the Cabras lagoon (Sardinia, Italy)
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Animal-sediment relationships: Evaluating the 'Pearson-Rosenberg paradigm' in Mediterranean coastal lagoons
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Twelve years after the first report of the crab Percnon gibbesi (H. Milne Edwards, 1853) in the Mediterranean: current distribution and invasion rates
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Relationships between chemical characteristics of sediments and macrofaunal communities in the Cabras lagoon (Western Mediterranean, Italy)
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Sediment features, macrozoobenthic assemblages and trophic relationships (δ< sup> 13</sup> C and δ< sup> 15</sup> N analysis) following a dystrophic event with anoxia and …
P Magni, S Rajagopal, G Van Der Velde, G Fenzi, J Kassenberg, S Vizzini, ...
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P Viaroli, M Bartoli, G Giordani, P Magni, DT Welsh
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Biological benthic tools as indicators of coastal marine ecosystems health
P Magni
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Interlinked temporal changes in environmental conditions, chemical characteristics of sediments and macrofaunal assemblages in an estuarine intertidal sandflat (Seto Inland Sea …
P Magni, S Como, S Montani, H Tsutsumi
Marine Biology 149 (5), 1185-1197, 2006
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